Netflix Will Bring These Premieres Of Series And Movies In 2023

We are already arriving at the end of the month of December and, therefore, there is little left to start the new year 2023. Throughout this month, Netflix has given us great news about series, films, and documentaries such as The Witcher ‘,’ 6 in the Shadow ‘, the second season of’ Lost in Space ‘or the superhero comedy’ El Vecino ‘. Will Netflix manage to exceed the year-end level during the first month of 2023?

Netflix Will Bring These Premieres Of Series And Movies In 2023

The Netflix catalog for January 2023will feature the return of such interesting series as ‘Education’, ‘Titans’, ‘The creepy adventures of Sabrina’ and the end of ‘Bojack Horseman’. But the thing does not end here, no sir, there are many more news that will keep your eyes fixed on the iPad and your ass stuck to the sofa … Let the marathon begin!

These are all the premieres that Netflix will broadcast on its streaming platform next January 2020 at the level of series, movies and documentaries.

Netflix will bring these premieres of series and movies in 2023

Netflix will include the second season of‘Sex Education’on January 17, one of the most popular series of the platform during 2019. In addition, superhero lovers can enjoy the second season of‘Titans’from day 10 January, one of the best series of DC Universe with a plot that hooks and in which we will see new additions such as Bruce Wayne, Deathstroke and Superboy. These are all the news.


  • Spinning Out:January 1
  • Messiah:January 1
  • The Circle:January 1
  • Riverdale – part 2:January 1
  • The thieves of the forest:January 2
  • Anne with an E – 3rd season:January 3
  • Dracula:January 4
  • The Blacklist:January 5
  • Titans – Season 2: January 10
  • AJ and the Queen:January 10
  • Medical Police:January 10
  • Until Dawn:January 10
  • Giri / Haji:January 10
  • Scissor Seven:January 10
  • Zumbo’s Just Desserts:January 10
  • Grace and Frankie – Season 6:January 15
  • Ares:January 17
  • Nailed it! Germany:January 17
  • Sex Education – Season 2:January 17
  • The chilling adventures of Sabrina – part 3:January 24
  • The Ranch:January 24
  • The Ghost Bride:January 24
  • Orange is the New Black – Season 6:January 28
  • Bojak Horseman – Season 6 B:January 31
  • I Am A Killer – Season 2:January 31
  • Ragnarok:January 31


  • Lucy:January 1
  • The Flintstones:January 1
  • Jason Bourne (Complete Saga):January 1
  • The Theory of Everything:January 1
  • All Freckles of the World:January 3
  • I Feel Pretty:January 15
  • Betrayal:January 17
  • Peter Rabbit:January 18

How to renew your Netflix subscription on iOS and iPadOS

Long ago, Netflix offered its iOS and tvOS users the possibility to renew their subscription through the App Store. But recently they withdrew this function in order to avoid paying 30% of taxes to Apple. Now there is another method to renew Netflix.

Netflix has three different subscription plans on its online streaming platform. Below we show you all the information and prices to reactivate your subscription from the iOS App Store.

1.Go tothe official Netflix websitefrom your iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac.
2.Click on the red “Login” button from the upper right corner.
3.Enter your credentials.
4.Click on the “See the plans” button.
5.Click or tap on “Continue”.
6.Choose your favorite plan to renew Netflix.

Price€ 7.99€ 11.99€ 15.99
HDDo notYesYes
Ultra HDDo notDo notYes
Number of screensonetwo4

How to download Netflix content on iPhone and iPad

1.Open the Netflix app on your iPhone or iPad.
2.Search and select the episode of a series (or movie) that you want to download.
3.Next, press the down arrow icon.
4.In the lower blue bar you can see the download process.

These have been the premieres of Netflix for January 2020, very interesting series and movies that you can enjoy from your iPhone and iPad.

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