Nintendo Switch: How To Repair Your Joy-Con For Free

Your Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con derailed? If they are still covered by the warranty, simply send them back to the manufacturer’s after-sales service for repair. We explain here the procedure to follow.

Nintendo Switch: How to Repair Your Joy-Con for Free
Nintendo Switch: How to Repair Your Joy-Con for Free

Following a collective complaint against the Joy-Con problems of the Nintendo Switch was filed in the United States, the manufacturer has revised its position. Many players are affected by the “Joy-Con Drift” bug, which causes your character to move forward by himself or who moves the cursor in the menus without touching anything.

There have been rumors that Nintendo is repairing the Joy-Con for free, with no conditions, proof of purchase, or warranty.

However, for a while, the replacement of the controllers officially cost € 45, which prompted the UFC Que-Choisir to threaten Nintendo to bring the case to justice .

Finally, the president of Nintendo said in an interview with Le Monde that the Branch of the manufacturer fully supported the repair or replacement of Joy-Con affected by the “Joy-Con Drift”. Even when the commercial warranty has expired. The procedure (which you can find below) to make a replacement / repair request remains the same except for one detail.

Indeed, you no longer need to send proof of purchase of your Nintendo Switch console.

Nintendo Switch: here is the procedure to follow for the repair

By cons, know that the Nintendo Switch and its accessories (therefore the Joy-Con) are guaranteed for a period of twelve months. You can therefore send them to customer service without having to paywhether or not you have kept proof of purchase. Here is the procedure to follow to send your Joy-Con to be repaired:

  • 1. Create a service request onthe official Nintendo website
  • 2. Fill in the form fields correctly
  • 3. Save the request
  • 4. Download and print the Chronopost label that Nintendo sends you by email
  • 5. Prepare your package to be sent to the after-sales service: you can attach a copy of your proof of purchase indicating the date of purchase of the product, a description of the fault and of course the defective Joy-Con
  • 6. Stick the previously printed label on the package
  • 7. Bring the package to La Poste

And lo and behold, it is no more complicated than that. Attention, make sure that you are still under warranty and that you respect Nintendo’s terms: a refusal to quote you will be charged 15 euros for “technical, administrative and return shipping costs before returning the unrepaired equipment”.

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