How to Use OBS Studio for YouTube Live Streaming

OBS Studio is a program or software that functions to stream and record on a laptop or PC. During this pandemic, many organizations or groups themselves used this program to broadcast live or live streaming on social media.

How to Use OBS Studio for YouTube Live Streaming
How to Use OBS Studio for YouTube Live Streaming

How to Use OBS Studio for YouTube Live Streaming

Whether it is for organizational or personal purposes that cannot be done face-to-face or an event that is attended by many people, it is very influential with the current situation.

Among other things, such as religious events that use OBS Studio to broadcast live sermons that are connected from the camera output or virtual meetings which are then reconnected to the OBS Studio.

There are also those who do live streaming to hold fundraisers by presenting music games or creating interesting content with OBS Studio facilities to help them produce good quality streaming and their shows become innocent with attractive features like broadcasters on television. Let’s look at the tutorial below.


  • Using a laptop or PC
  • Has an internet speed that is adequate for maximum streaming quality results (at least 10Mbps)
  • First, to install the OBS Studio program

Steps to Use OBS Studio for YouTube Live Streaming

1. Open OBS Studio. Here, the author has set the layout for live streaming.

2. Go to File – Settings – Output

3. Then select the Video Bitrate section, set it according to the internet speed in your home. For example, the internet speed of 10Mbps, using 1400 Kbps. This part is very important to maintain the smoothness and quality of the streaming that will be broadcast later.

4. After that, open your browser and go to the YouTube website.

5. Enter the section on the side to do live streaming which will immediately divert you to Youtube Studio

6. After entering the YouTube studio live streaming menu, copy the streaming key that will be entered into OBS

7. Then, return to OBS Studio and enter the File – Settings – Streaming menu

8. Paste the stream URL key code in the stream key, then Apply to save changes.

9. After that, we start live streaming by clicking on the Start Streaming section of the OBS Studio program.

Congratulations! You have successfully streamed live using OBS Studio.

If you want to stop live streaming, don’t forget to end OBS Studio and the Youtube Studio Website, because otherwise the streaming will continue.

Important:If there are problems with the streaming viewing, try to lower the video bitrate so that the video received by youtube studio is smooth. But unfortunately the result is a blurry video quality.

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