Old Songs Free Download MP3 with Snaptube

Is there an old song playing in the back of your mind? Old songs are like that – they get stuck in our minds after we hear them randomly somewhere. And no matter how much you ignore it, the music will keep coming back to you until you download it and listen several times.

Old Songs Free Download MP3 with Snaptube
Old Songs Free Download MP3 with Snaptube

Old Songs Free Download MP3 with Snaptube

Don’t know where to look for old songs to download? Well, just say it is your good day today. We are here to introduce an app that has a vast collection of old songs: The Snaptube App.

Follow the post to find out why we consider Snaptube a one-stop shop for old songs mp3 download, and also learn how to use Snaptube to download old songs on your mobile.

Why Snaptube is the Best Choice to Download Old Songs?

Numerous apps and sites offer old song downloading options. Why use Snaptube?

This part of the post tells you exactly why Snaptube is your best shot at old MP3 songs download and why you should try it at least once.

For starters, Snaptube has the most extensive collection of MP3 songs, including old songs of Bollywood. It is not just an app but a platform that is built considering users’ demand for a resourceful site that is fast and straightforward.

Rest assured, the below-listed features of Snaptube will tell you why it is the best app for all your downloading needs.

Free Downloads

Yes, you heard it right! Snaptube offers unlimitedold songs free download to mp3. That means you can easily download as many songs as you desire, and that too, free of cost.

70 Million Songs

Snaptube allows you to download content from 50+platforms, including Soundcloud, Vevo, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, etc. From the Snaptube interface, you can access and switch between these platforms without leaving the app.

Multiple Format Options

Snaptube allows audio downloads in MP3 and M4A formats. In addition, you can choose your preferred bitrate (quality), such as 70, 128, 160, or 320 kbps, to download a song.

Support Online and Offline Playing

The platform not only supports online browsing but also provides an option to play songs without an internet connection. You can create your own playlist on Snaptube.

Built-in Music Player

The Snaptube is not just an app to download audio and videos; it also includes a built-in music player that comes with numerous functions. It supports playing music with screen off.


Searching for songs on Snaptube is like walking in the park. You can easily search any song by entering relevant keywords or directly providing the source’s URL.

Batch Download Feature

Lastly, the Snaptube app offers a batch download option. So, you won’t have to waste time downloading a single file at a time.

Download old songs in batches

How to Find Old Songs on Snaptube

Snaptube has a vast collection of songs. Even if you are looking for a to z mp3 old Hindi songs free download, Snaptube is where your search ends. On Snaptube, you can find any song regardless of genre or language. You can even look for Tamil old songs mp3 download.

And as we mentioned earlier, finding songs on Snaptube is as easy as pie. The following steps will guide you in searching for the song.

Step 1: Download the App

Firstly, visit the official Snaptube website (https://www.snaptubeapp.com/) and click the Download button to download the Snaptube APK on your Android phone.

Step 2: Install the App

Secondly, give your browser permission to install apps from unknown sources, then follow a short click-through procedure to install Snaptube on your phone.

Download old songs in batches

Step 3: Search the Song

Launch the app. From the interface, type in the song, artist, album or even partial lyrics and Snaptube will provide the exact result for you.

Or navigate to a particular platform (such as Soundcloud) to find the song.

You can also directly upload the song to Snaptube by copying its URL from any other source and pasting it on the search bar.

Either way, Snaptube will locate the song for you.

Download old songs in batches

How to Download Old Songs Using Snaptube App

So far, you have learned why you should use Snaptube to download MP3 songs and how to search for songs on Snaptube.

Now, it’s time to learn how old song downloading works on Snaptube. Follow the below-listed steps to download the song to your device successfully.

Step 1: Load the Song on Media Player

When you’ve found the song you want to download, tap on the thumbnail to start the video playing. Snaptube will load it on the media player.

Step 2: Click Download and Select the Format

Hit the Download tab to start the process. Now to download the audio version of the song, choose your desired media format, such as MP3 or M4A, and the resolution such as 70K, 128K, 160K, or 320K.

Download old songs in batches

Step 3: Access the Downloaded Song

Now you can access the downloaded song from your Snaptube Library (My Files) or your Phone’s Gallery or Files. Wait! That’s not all. Snaptube also allows you to set the downloaded MP3 file as your caller ringtone. Isn’t it cool?

Related Questions You May Have

Which app is the best for downloading old Bollywood songs?

Snaptube is the best source for classic and archival Hindi songs. The access to 50+ platforms that Snaptube provides to users makes it possible for them to find and download any music they desire, including pieces by well-known artists.

Which music app lets you download songs for free?

While the other apps ask for a premium ship or subscription, the Snaptube app is absolutely free. It lets you download unlimited videos and songs from various platforms to your device without any hidden charges.


Now, you know where to look for old songs to download. Among all the apps available in the market, the Snaptube app is the one that brings you a massive collection of videos and songs.

The app has an interactive interface and is free, safe, and straightforward to use. We would like to hear your thoughts. So, kindly try the app and let us know your remarks in the comments.

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