APKOnline | An Online Android Emulator 2023

APKOnline is a web service that integrates a complete Android emulator in which we can navigate, install applications and much more.

APKOnline | An Online Android Emulator
APKOnline | An Online Android Emulator

There are many ways we have to use Android, from mobile phones to watches, to tablets or cars. However, when developing an application, it is usually common to test applications on the computer on which we created the code, using an emulator.

Google itself has a system that allows running Android applications in desktop environments, and other companies have their own.

Today we talk about one of the latter, although with a very important feature: it is online.

APKOnline is an online Android emulator

This peculiar system allows us to use Android remotely through a web browser, without needing anything else. Obviously the speed of the system is quite precarious, although we have a good computer and a good online connection.

The interface is that of an Android tablet with a somewhat old version of the system, Android 8.0 Oreo, although we can navigate the settings, change settings parameters, etc.

We can use a Gmail account to install applications, although it is convenient to use a secondary in case there is personal data at stake. In addition, using the browser we can install APK files to test in a safe environment or to verify that our applications work well.

In addition to being able to use the mouse and keyboard of our computer, we have a toolbar with normal buttons on Android and with our own programming tools.

Free, with advertising

We can use it for free and without downloading anything, but if we are more than sixty seconds without doing anything, the session will be closed so that other users can enter.

Each time we enter we must wait 30 seconds, something that will prevent accidental opening of sessions. In addition, we will see advertising on the interface, although only on the sides, not within the test window.

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