Online Games Which Will Test Your Bravery

Recently decided to join the gaming world? There’s currently a record number of people joining the world of online gaming as they look for ways to fill their time in more creative ways.

Games such as FIFA and Call of Duty have taken the gaming world by storm, and if you’re joining multiplayer mode with friends, you don’t want to be eliminated on the very first round. That’s not the best way to establish a gaming reputation.

Online Games Which Will Test Your Bravery
Online Games Which Will Test Your Bravery

Online Games Which Will Test Your Bravery

So before you rush in there and challenge your friends, or build up a championship persona that will have them gripping the edges of their seats, waiting to test you, it’s probably a good idea to learn some strategies for survival first.

Below, we’ll go through some of the top survival and defense strategies to make sure you stay alive long enough to earn a respected reputation amongst your friends.

Call of Duty could be named as the most popular warzone game out there to date. It’s a title that everyone wants to be playing, yet no one wants to be caught out and become the group punch bag of the game. Or worse, excluded from multiplayer get togethers.

One of the simplest ways to help yourself out in CoD is to run over the enemy with cars and even helicopters. This isn’t the most respected way to enhance your CoD reputation as it’s seen as better to kill enemies with actual weapons. If we’re talking about bravery, a weapon might be the best option here.

But if we’re talking about staying alive for long enough for your team not to rip you apart, running over your enemies is going to get you the most kills.

Play it safe for as long as possible

Ok, again, this isn’t the best way to demonstrate your bravery. In fact, you may even be laughed at, but if it keeps you alive and helps you to beat your opponent then we’re all for it.

Playing it safe doesn’t just mean not purposely seeking out your enemy to engage in combat, it means staying at the outer circles, creeping around like a mouse and only using your weapon when you really have to.

Remember that the enemy can hear your footsteps and are able to pick up on the basic signs of where you are. This means you shouldn’t be leaving any man-made structures around or leave doors open beyond you. They can also hear the switching of your weapon so try not to do this too much either.

If you want to make it as long as possible this way, be ready to fight but avoid it at all costs if you can. You’ll also have to get really good at crouching down out of view of the enemy.

Once you get to the final rounds, you’ll probably need to act a bit more defensively and maybe even face your opponent. If you do, aim for clear heads shots and don’t linger around.

Destroy your enemies structures

Now it’s time to get to the more aggressive tactics. In order to wipe out your enemies structures, you’ll need to be brave, put yourself out there and really risk your life.

Destroying structures means you won’t have to get too close to your enemies, but once you start taking down their towers, they’re going to start dropping like flies all around you.

To prepare for this, you are going to need to build up an impressive reserve of weaponry. You’ll need plenty of explosives, an assault rifle and a good choice of medium range weapons. Once you’ve got this, go for it and don’t hold back.

Top strategies for online poker

Online poker is one of those games where if you play too cautiously you risk losing the game, whereas if you play too aggressively you could also be putting yourself at risk. Some tactics that will help you strike a balance include:

Dealing with an aggressive poker player can be a bit of a nightmare, yet there are ways you can catch them out and throw your opponent off guard.

When you enter the pot with a raise, the aggressive player is likely to re-raise you. Yet, what they probably won’t be expecting is for you to re-raise them again.

Throwing in a bluff re-raise could be what you need to throw your opponent off track. Just make sure you go for value most of all.

Don’t play insurance

When it comes to playing blackjack online, playing insurance is essentially making a new bet with new money, based on if the dealer has blackjack.

On average, it is best not to take this strategy as players who avoid insurance are 6% more likely to beat their opponent that is playing the insurance card.

While you might not always win in this situation, if both you and the dealer have a blackjack then neither can win or lose.

Overall, gaming can be tense at times. While it can be easy to get backed into a corned, it’s best to be brave and stand your ground. That way, you’ll come out winning and have a great reputation on the other side.

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