How To Open TGA Files In Windows 10

TGA is an image file, an acronym forTruevision Graphics Adapter, made byTruevisionin the 1980s. With its lossless compression, the TGA format is ideal for images such as portraits and icons. Game publishers also use it for story files.

How to Open TGA Files in Windows 10
How to Open TGA Files in Windows 10

How to Open TGA Files in Windows 10

Open TGA files with an image editor

Since TGA is an image format, we can open it in the same way as aJPG, GIF or PNG photo. However, TGA is not widely supported like JPG or GIF formats. Windows Paint Editor does not open TGA files.

We can therefore use an image editor such asAdobe Photoshop.

This software has been specially designed to open all types of image formats (including TGA), and it is also possible to modify them in the desired way.

Open TGA images with TGA Viewer

If you don’t need to edit a TGA image, use theTGA Viewersoftware . It is a freeware software specially designed to open TGA files.

You can add the program to Windows by clicking theTGA ViewerInstallationDownloadlink on this page, then run the installation wizard.

TGA Viewer does not include many options, but you will be able to open TGA, enlarge and reduce images, adjust the size and save TGA files in alternative formats.

Open TGA images with Universal File Viewer

Alternatively, TGA images can be opened with theUniversal File Viewer software.

File Viewer Plus is a universal file viewer for Windows that can open and view over 300 different types of files. You can also edit the files, save the changes and batch convert the files into different formats.Link to download.

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