How to Organize and Clean Your Home in Two Hours

If you had to ask someone to name their most asset, they may reply that it is their bank account, or even their stock portfolio – or perhaps their home. But, when you really think about it, time is the most asset that any human being can possess.

How to Organize and Clean Your Home in Two Hours
How to Organize and Clean Your Home in Two Hours

How to Organize and Clean Your Home in Two Hours

You cannot buy more of it; it is a finite resource and should be used extremely carefully. It is also an absolute requirement for both our professional and personal lives – and its scarcity makes it even more precious.

However, even if we carefully manage our time there are certain tasks that will require the careful expenditure of time – no matter how boring or mundane they are.

One of these is cleaning our homes. However, with some forward planning and focus, you can actually accomplish what might seem too many to be an impossibility – enjoying a clean and organized home after only around two hours of work.

The first step to cutting down on the time that it takes to clean your home is to establish a routine. Each time you clean, do the same thing in the same order. The way each room is cleaned becomes an established system, a method that becomes easier with familiarity. Start at the same point in the room each time – and finish there. Each cleaning action becomes almost automatic.

You know where the problem areas are, you know where things should go, and your mind internalizes the process it becomes almost automatic. No time is wasted.

Gravity can be your friend – not your enemy. Clean from top to bottom. clean the tops of the blinds, the tops of furniture, and roof-mounted light fittings.

There is no point in applying polish to the coffee table and then seeing dust cover it as you move to higher fixtures and furniture. Also, move from left to right or right to left (it is your choice). Do not deviate from a set path.

If something that is dusty or requires attention catches your eye, leave it alone. You will get there in due course. By randomly moving from area to area you are wasting time.

Get the right tools for your windows. Abandon the paper towels and specialist cleaning products (such as Windex0. Buy a professional Squeegee and dilute a couple of drops of dish soap in about a gallon of water.

Apply this with a soft cloth and then Squeegee off using a top to bottom movement and wiping at the bottom of the window. It is quick – and the results are streak-free.

Speaking of the correct tools – have them close at hand. A carpenters or handyman’s belt is perfect for keeping them close for when they are needed. you waste an incredible amount of time fetching products from under the sink as and when you need them.

If you are buying economy size cleaning solutions, decant them into smaller spray bottles so that you can keep them with you. Carry a bucket to dispose of used clothes and other items (it can also be used to carry essentials) – do not trek back to the kitchen every time you need to get rid of used cleaning materials.

Most people will waste a significant amount of time spraying on cleaning solutions prior to dusting. In some instances, it simply is not required. Get yourself an Ostrich feather duster. Use this tool to clean picture frames, hanging blinds, and hard to reach corners.

For areas that are significantly grimy or show large dust buildup, you will want to use a cloth or vacuum cleaner, but a high-quality feather duster can save you significant amounts of time.

Grease buildup can be ultra-time consuming to deal with but using normal dishwashing soap can save time and money. A tablespoon or so of high-quality dishwashing liquid in a gallon of warm water can help clean cabinets as well as dishes. Wipe down with a clean sponge and warm water. If the stains and grime persist then mix in two tablespoons of baking soda.

Mold can also be a time-consuming issue to deal with. Rather than spend precious minutes scrubbing away purchase some hydrogen peroxide and use a spray bottle to apply to problem areas.

Leave it on for five or six minutes and then wipe it down. use that time to deal with other cleaning tasks in the bathroom, such as using white vinegar and a clean cloth to get rid of mineral deposits on bathroom fixtures. Do not use abrasive cleaners – they will scratch the fixtures.

Vacuuming carpets can be a time-consuming chore. Do it in rows and throw the cord over one shoulder to avoid tangles and interruptions relocating it. This method saves time, and the results are exceptional.

Use these tips and tricks – and clean regularly. You will be able to significantly cut down on the time that you spend cleaning your home. Plan and approach the tasks logically and you will be amazed at the results.

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