5 Ways To Overcome No Battery Is Detected On Windows 10 Laptops

Laptop is a device that is quite mandatory for some people nowadays. Especially for students, students, workers, and even entrepreneurs also need this laptop device as a tool to support their activities.

5 Ways to Overcome No Battery Is Detected On Windows 10 Laptops

Currently the latest operating system for laptops on Windows is Windows 10. Even though there are currently a lot of sophisticated laptops that use Windows 10, there will still be problems someday.

For example the problem “No Battery is detected” on a laptop. This description indicates that there are problems with the laptop battery that is not detected. Don’t panic because there are several ways to overcome it.

For more details, let’s follow the explanation below.

5 Ways to Overcome No Battery Is Detected On Windows 10 Laptops

1. Battery Calibration

The first way is to use battery calibration. For those of you who don’t know, calibration is a process that occurs in certain parts of the device when experiencing problems can be made normal again. To find out the steps, the following review.

  • If the laptop is on, please just turn it off first.
  • After that, restart the laptop and do the charging until it reaches 100 percent.
  • If the battery is full and reaches 100 percent, then use the laptop until the battery runs out. This means that you use the laptop until it really dies because it runs out of battery.
  • Next is to re-charge up to 100 percent.
  • When the battery is full again, restart the laptop and check the indicator.

Basically, the calibration process can be done through additional software. However, the steps are not much different from the way mentioned earlier.

2. Remove the battery and install it again

A simple way you can do is to remove the battery and then put it back on. The purpose of this method is to reset the battery status that is experiencing the problem. If the battery has been removed long enough, the effect is also getting better. Try to remove it within a few hours then put it back on and try turning it on.

3. Using Additional Applications

For more certain that the warning “No Battery Is Detected” does not appear again, please download a special application to monitor battery requirements. By using the application, there are other options to see the state of the battery being charged or when it is charging.

For an example application, please just download the BatteryBar or BatteryCare application.

4. Reset the Battery Driver

Not much different from other applications, the battery actually has its own driver. Usually laptop battery drivers are in a special menu called Device Manager.

This also exists in Windows 10. The way we do is reset the battery driver. For the steps themselves, just follow the instructions below.

  • In the start menu, please right-click using the mouse.
  • If an option appears, please choose Device Manager.
  • Later you will enter the Device Manager page. Next, please look for the battery submenu.
  • Next is to right-click on Microsoft ACPI and select Compliant Control Method Battery.
  • Then select uninstall.

You just have to wait for the process to finish and restart.

If the computer has restarted, double check whether the message “No Battery is Detected” still appears or has disappeared.

5. Replace the Battery

The last way if all the points above do not produce anything is to replace the laptop battery. It could be that there are problems that occur on the laptop battery so that the indicator appears.

Therefore, please look for a battery in accordance with the brand and series of your laptop. Thus Tips to overcome No battery is Detected on Windows 10 laptops. Hopefully this article can provide benefits for you.

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