Pikmin 4 (Switch): Dandori Art Guide for Beginners

Pikmin 4 presents the player with a constant reminder: to use the art of Dandori, a technique for organizing tasks strategically to work as efficiently as possible.

Pikmin 4 (Switch): Dandori art Guide for Beginners

Pikmin 4 (Switch): Dandori Art Guide for Beginners

Despite this, anyone who ventures to join the rescue brigade is free to explore the scenarios as they wish — and to deal with the positive and negative consequences of their decisions.

With that in mind, we’ve separated some tips so that the young explorer can have fewer mishaps on his journey, avoiding basic problems. So, newbies, fear not!

From this foundation, you can develop and improve your own organizing technique. Put on your brigade uniform and let’s go!

Know where you’re going to get yourself

A fundamental first step is to visualize the terrain in order to outline your strategy. When starting the day, therefore, it is worth taking a walk to check out the points of interest and points of interest.

With these locations in mind, it is possible to establish priorities and calculate the dangers of each movement. Furthermore, it is easier to decide the types of Pikmin to select from Onion and carry on the planned mission.

Each of the possible points of exploration requires its own tips, which will be broken down below.

Points of interest

The points of interest would be the places with visible or excavatable treasures. Also falling into this category are unfinished bridges, cave entrances and barriers to be destroyed.

Having inspected the terrain in advance, it is possible to organize and use the best soldiers for each task: red ones for excavation, yellow ones for electrical barriers, blue ones for water sections, Pikmin Stone for demolishing glass, etc.

With this measure, precious time is gained to collect more treasures and less time is wasted moving aimlessly. Time is a scarce resource, and walking aimlessly can lead to the loss of the colorful creatures that happen to be far from the perimeter of the ship at dusk.

Attention points

The points of attention concern everything that can kill your colored partners. Analyzing the terrain beforehand prevents unnecessary losses, avoiding mishaps when carrying out tasks.

An important precaution is to find out the path that the Pikmin will have to take to take a treasure to the ship. It’s always good to check if there are enemies nearby if you’re going to use the right type of creatures for the task or if they’re at risk of getting trapped in some stretch, for example.

Incidentally, although the focus of the mission is on exploration and rescue, combat is an element that cannot be ignored, which brings us to the next topic of instructions for new recruits.

Facing enemy troops

A good commander cannot blindly send his troops into battle without good planning. Even though he is a member of a rescue brigade and not a combat one, the young explorer needs to develop some strategies to face his enemies.

One point to note is how to get to each creature’s Achilles heel and the type of Pikmin suited to exploiting that weakness. After all, not every opponent is as obvious as the electric dog or the fire slug.

Certain beings have a hard shell on the front, with soft and sensitive parts on the back; Others reach certain heights, either due to their size or their flying power, which makes some types of Pikmin a better option than others.

Another important point is to devise strategies against groups of enemies. A valuable tip is to target smaller opponents first and leave the bigger ones for later; otherwise, the big ones knock down their Pikmin, who, stunned, end up eliminated by their small opponents.

Choosing the armament

Your troops cannot go into battle empty-handed. As other travelers are rescued, they become part of his team, providing assorted equipment andupgrades —so varied that the young explorer can be lost in the sea of ​​options.So, soldier, fear not! We have some instructions for you.

Some toys can be very useful, such as protection from fire or electricity. Particularly, I recommend the improvement in the suit that allows for faster movement around the scene, thus speeding up the collection of items before nightfall.

Another piece of equipment that makes your life easier is the drone that helps you visualize the scene. With simple commands, you can fly across the terrain and observe details that do not appear on the map.

Gathering the Troops

Along with the recruit, Otchin can also be improved. In addition to protections similar to those of an astronaut, the canine companion has at his disposal a series of training that guarantees him new skills.

It’s worth investing in increasing Salvacão’s strength, enabling him to carry heavy treasures and leaving the Pikmin free for other tasks. Another interesting possibility is to train the power of your bite, which helps when attacking enemies.

Finally, enjoy the moments at the base with those rescued, with no time limit, to collect flower seeds and generate new Pikmin. The larger your troop, the more activities you can carry out at the same time.

Adventure Time

First-time astronauts inPikmin 4have a whole new world to explore. With this basic guide, the young recruit can start his mission by avoiding unnecessary Pikmin losses and making the most of the time he has between dawn and dusk.

More importantly, this is just the starting point for developing your own Dandori technique according to your rhythm, skill and priorities. Now enough talk and get to work, because Captain Olimar needs you!

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