PirateStreaming | How to Access the Pirate Streaming site?

Remember the time when people rented or bought DVDs to watch a movie or series from home. With the advent of the internet, the trend has changed rapidly to online streaming, as you would be charged lower prices and you will be able to watch movies from the comfort of your home.

PirateStreaming | How to Access the Pirate Streaming site?
PirateStreaming | How to Access the Pirate Streaming site?

PirateStreaming | How to Access the Pirate Streaming site?

With the development of the Internet, many new streaming platforms have emerged, as well as online pirate.site.

What is piracy?

It is the use of illegal copies of any licensed content for private or professional use. It can be a game, a movie, a TV series, software, an anime, music or any possible digital file.

In pirated movies and TV shows, people downloaded a copy of the video and then watched it on their device. This allowed them to review it later without spending any additional data and also allowed for file sharing.

What is the PirateStreaming site?

Just like piracy, where you download a copy of the video and watch it later, pirate streaming refers to direct streaming of the movie or series over the internet.

While you would need additional data if you decide to watch it again at a later time, some people still prefer Pirate Streaming.

This is because downloading any file takes time and you may not have time to wait for it to download. Or, if you only want to watch part of the movie or video, downloading the entire file would be a waste of time and data.

This is why most people prefer pirated streaming, as you can watch it on the go. Pirate Streaming isn’t just limited to movies and TV shows; you can even stream live sports events. Therefore,

Alternative PirateStreaming Sites

Using the above methods, you will be able to access the pirate streaming site. If not, here are the 5 best alternatives you can try:

1. m4ufree.tv

With a large collection of content, you are also sure to find the movie or series you were looking for. If you want to request a movie or series, you can do it via their FB page.

Visit Website

2. flixtor.site

With a huge collection of movies, TV and web series and a gorgeous home page, you can find anything you want to watch on this website.

Visit Website

3. hdgo.to

A huge collection of the latest movies and TV shows is all you need. New content is updated regularly.

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4. sharemovies.net

Not just movies and TV series, this website also has a huge collection of Asian anime, cartoons, and dramas. Whatever your mood, you are sure to find the right content on this site.

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5. flenix.net

With multiple servers to choose from, be sure to watch your favorite movie buffer for free. A huge collection ensures you find your favorite show to watch.

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Features of Pirates Streaming:


This reason in itself is the best and biggest reason people choose pirate streaming. Although people can afford OTT subscriptions, they don’t want to spend money on something extra that can be obtained for free.

There are a lot of OTT platforms out there with their original shows. This makes it difficult as you cannot purchase subscriptions of every OTT platform you see.

That’s why Pirate Streaming is the best, as you can watch all the shows, movies, TV series, web series, documentaries and any other content from the OTT platform for free.

Easy user interface

All pirate streaming websites have a simple user interface. Movies and shows are categorized by genre, while the home page features all the latest and most popular videos.

You can simply search for the video you want in the search box provided to save you the hassle of finding your video from a long list. It’s easy to watch a video on a pirated streaming site, and anyone can do it.

Just open the web page, select the video you want to watch and play it. It’s that simple to watch a video on a pirated streaming site.

Huge library:

Since pirated streaming sites are illegal and use content from multiple OTT platforms, they provide a huge library of videos to watch from.

Watch all the latest, retro and classic movies and TV shows from different parts of the world, as you can find content from almost any country in the world. Also, pirated content like movies or TV loads faster on the pirated streaming site than on a paid OTT platform.

No registration required:

While you need to register with the OTT provider and also provide your card details for free routes, no such thing is required on a Pirate Streaming website.

Although some websites require you to register on their own, no card details are required, most pirated streaming sites don’t require any authentication.

Fast and high quality:

Due to the excessive number of users, legal OTT providers sometimes get blocked too. Due to the overload caused by the blockade in the Covid-19 pandemic, some OTT platforms have reduced the quality of the streaming to compensate for the huge increase in data speed.

YouTube has limited streaming to 480P on mobile devices for the same reason. But that’s not the case with pirated streaming sites.

They will always provide the best available video quality and the video stream will have a lower buffer. Even if one website crashes, there are many other websites where you can watch the video.

Why is pirate streaming closed?

The main reason: it is illegal. Basically, piracy is stealing. As pirate streaming sites copy content from the OTT platform and cinemas and provide it for free, people don’t buy the OTT platform membership or subscription.

This results in a huge loss to OTT platforms and movie theaters and an indirect loss to the government in the form of taxes.

To protect the content owner – OTT providers – from suffering such losses, the government around the world has banned pirated streaming sites.

And if anyone is found providing or using these services, they will face criminal charges and huge fines will be imposed. That is why it is advised to keep precautions while visiting such websites.

If you watch the NEWS regularly, you will receive regular updates on government and internet authorities that eliminate such service providers.

How to access the Pirate Streaming site?

Even though the government and internet regulators regularly remove such websites from the internet, they come up with a new one in no time.

Sometimes the government blocks the computer from accessing the URL of such websites, thereby rendering the website unusable. But there are still ways that you can use pirated streaming websites even if it is banned in your country.

Use the following methods to access a pirated streaming website:


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. The function of a VPN is to redirect internet traffic through a different IP address.

To understand this more simply, suppose you live in India and the Indian government has banned some websites in India, but they are available in the rest of the world, for example in the United States. Then turn on the VPN and connect to the USA server.

The internet traffic that comes out of your computer will have a different IP address, one from the United States, and the website will think you are visiting it from the United States, not India, thus giving you access to the website. Some of the most used VPN providers are: Express VPN, Nord VPN, Hotspot Shield, Tunnel Bear, etc.

To access the pirate streaming site using a VPN, follow these steps:

  1. Subscribe to the ExpressVPN which is safe better than others.
  2. Connect to a server where the website is accessible
  3. Open your browser
  4. Enter the URL and go to the pirate streaming site

The website should load properly and you will be able to enjoy the OTT content.

Tor Browser

The Tor Browser combines the functionality of both a browser and a VPN in one place. With Tor Browser, you don’t need an additional VPN, as a VPN is already built into the Tor Browser.

Tor Browser is nothing more than a modified version of the Firefox browser combined with a VPN. When you open the Tor browser, you can choose the country for the session, similar to what you do when choosing a server for the VPN. Your data is totally safe, as Tor Browser is anonymous and leaves no trace of your activity.

To access the pirated streaming site using the Tor Browser, follow these steps:
  1. Open Tor Browser.
  2. If you want, you can change the country.
  3. Enter the URL and go to the pirate streaming site.

The website should load properly and you will be able to enjoy the OTT content.

We hope you were able to access the pirate stream using the above methods. For a change, you can try the alternatives provided above and find something that’s right for you. Mention which one you found to be the best.

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