10 Popular Broken Heart Emoji

In the era of 2021, emojis have changed the way of communication even when the person is at a long distance with no face-to-face interaction. Additionally, emojis can express those feelings too that a person can’t communicate in words.

Popular Broken Heart Emoji
Popular Broken Heart Emoji

Different emojis are used to express different feelings. For example, smileys are used to express gratitude, happiness, joy, etc. for sadness, sad faces emojis are used.

On the other hand, heartbroken emojis are used when someone is disappointed, sad, depressed, and suffers from a breakup.

Likewise, you may come across the different types of broken heart emojis? Do you what exactly they are and what’s the difference? If not, then don’t worry, here we have come up with a list of the 10 popular heart emojis.

Let’s dive in;

List popular broken heart emoji


Popular Broken Heart Emoji

This emoji is used in the iOS operating system. So yes, Apple users can easily use this emoji. This red-colored broken heart shows the depressed and sad mood of the user.


Popular Broken Heart Emoji

This emoji is used on the Google platform. It is slightly different in color and shape as compared to the heartbroken emoji used in iOS.


Popular Broken Heart Emoji

Android users use this emoji that is a bit changed in color as compared to previous ones.


Popular Broken Heart Emoji

Microsoft Windows has a different outlay of broken heart emoji. This emoji is not separated from the crack rather it only shows the crack on the heart. It has a different shape as compared to other emojis.


Popular Broken Heart Emoji

This slightly different heartbroken emoji is used by the WhatsApp platform. It has an entirely different look from other emojis. The new upgraded version of WhatsApp supports this version of the heart emoji.


Popular Broken Heart Emoji

Twitter is well known social media platform that is used to express a point of view about something. So why not express through your favorite emojis? This heartbroken emoji is specially designed for Twitter. The shape of this emoji is different from iOS, Android, and Google.


Popular Broken Heart Emoji

Facebook is the leading platform in order to express feelings or emotions. Facebook supports this outlay of the heartbroken emoji.


Popular Broken Heart Emoji

Skype is a well-known platform for video and audio calling and also for texting. The outlay of emojis for this platform is different from other platforms. The outlook of heartbroken emoji is entirely different. This emoji is like the GIF. This emoji has a 1.2 emoticon version supportable by skype.


Popular Broken Heart Emoji

The picture of the emoji shows emotion. It is red in color but the look and appearance are totally different. Separated from crack but slightly joined at the end make this emoji is different from others. And this emoji is used by joypixels.


Popular Broken Heart Emoji

This emoji is used by messenger. As we have already mentioned that different platforms support different versions of emojis. The red color of the emoji is different from other broken hearts mentioned above.

Importance of emoji

Emojis in the message create the reliability of the message. Most of the businesses are using these emojis related to their business products. It creates a better understanding of the product to the customer.

These emojis help to boost up your PR’s. Reaction and mood of the customer after receiving a message with emoji from the company help to create good PR.


There are a number of emojis used by users on different operating systems as well as on social media platforms. These above-mentioned heartbroken emojis described the appearance and outlay of it on different platforms. So, what are you waiting for? Get your favorite one and express your feelings with your loved ones.

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