The First Edition Of PowerToys Allows You To Divide Your Desktop Into Window Zones

There is a promised revival of the once popular PowerToys. Advanced tools let you get the most out of Windows to boost productivity. What does the first test release for modern Windows offer?

The First Edition of PowerToys allows you to Divide your Desktop into Window Zones
The First Edition of PowerToys allows you to Divide your Desktop into Window Zones

A few months ago it became clear that Microsoft is reviving the PowerToys brand and is preparing new tools for the most advanced Windows users who want to increase their productivity and get the most out of the operating system.

The first two tools were announced: one adds a button to move the window instantly to another desktop, the other gives you keyboard shortcuts.

The First Edition of PowerToys allows you to Divide your Desktop into Window Zones

A few days ago, the first test version of PowerToys was released in connection with the release of Windows 10 Insider Preview build 18975 , which itself is not very interesting. (It is worth mentioning some WSL enhancements and the availability of virtual desktop renaming for everyone.) You can get it on Github .

Advanced functions come together under one roof. The PowerToys platform runs with the system and is represented by an “old-fashioned” icon in the notification area. There are just two instruments that were announced first.

Of course, you run them in Windows 10 , but Microsoft does not explicitly state that older Windows series are not supported.I can’t verify this at the moment, but I’ll try. At a minimum, I can say that PowerToys is not playing with 32-bit systems.

Added : Only Windows 10 version 1803 and later is supported.

Keyboard shortcuts help

One of the tools will show and graphically indicate on the screen what keyboard shortcuts and what you can use . Help appears when you hold down the Windows logo key.

In PowerToys, you only configure how large the Help display delay should be and how (non) transparent the Help environment should be. However, the question arises as to what such help is for advanced users.

Window layout template

The second instrument is significantly more sophisticated and it is exactly what I think the more advanced individuals want. It will allow you to divide the area into zones . In these areas, then relatively easily deploy open windows.

It is actually a template that you fill in as needed. There are several pre-made layouts to choose from, but you can also create your own. Hold Shift as you drag windows into these areas .

Optionally, you can specify that when you use the keyboard shortcuts to position windows on the screen (Win + arrows) instead of “sticking” to the corners and sides of the window screen, it is preferable to fill just the zones set in PowerToys. How do you like the first test release?

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