Practical Uses of Cloud Storage: 13 Reasons Why It’s a Life Saver

It’s safe to say that smartphones are one of the most useful inventions in recent history. With these devices, we have access to a vast array of information from just about anywhere on Earth. Not only can we search for anything online, but we can also store and share files like photos and videos with ease.

Practical Uses of Cloud Storage
Practical Uses of Cloud Storage

Practical Uses of Cloud Storage: 13 Reasons Why It’s a Life Saver

However, as great as our phones are for storing all sorts of data, they do come with some limitations – including storage space! Suppose you have exhausted the space on your device or are searching through old emails looking for an attachment.

In that case, it might be the right time to consider cloud storage solutions- especially if you’re an app developer who needs access to their apks anytime/anywhere.

Practical Uses of Cloud Storage
Practical Uses of Cloud Storage

1. Cloud storage is more secure than storing apks on your device: if you ever lose your device, the worst that could happen is someone gets access to your personal information.

If you store them in cloud storage instead and then forget your username or password, all of your data will be erased from the server, so you are always safe. Besides, it’s always a good idea to have a backup of the apks you’re working on just in case!

2. Easy to access apps from different devices: in addition to all the benefits of cloud storage for apks, you can also download apps from any device with internet access.

This is perfect if someone in your household has a different smartphone, then you’ll be able to use their phone without having to lug around yours!

It also makes it easier to access apps while you are on the go if you don’t have your phone with you, just pull up a browser on your tablet or laptop and download the apk from there.

Practical Uses of Cloud Storage
Practical Uses of Cloud Storage

3. Support for different file types: as mentioned before, cloud storage is great because it supports almost any kind of file – not only apks! You can upload anything that will work in an email to this account: images, videos, pdfs, the list goes on and on.

Plus, if you’re uploading multiple files at once (to save time), they won’t count against each other’s quota so long as they are under 15MB each. Most importantly, they have compatibility with different operating systems, so whether you want to do android apk file hosting or iOS, they will work just fine!

4. No risk of data theft: this one definitely deserves its own point because it’s so important! Just think about how many people are out there trying – and succeeding – every day just by looking through the wrong person’s old emails.

With cloud storage, your data is secure and inaccessible to anyone but you – it can’t be hacked or stolen because there are no physical hard copies that could get into the wrong hands!

Practical Uses of Cloud Storage
Practical Uses of Cloud Storage

5. No worries if the phone crashes: we all know this one too well, we’re running out of space on our phones and have a ton of files stored in them, so when we go to clear some room up by deleting something, BAM!

No more file access for us. But with cloud storage, even if you completely lose your device (or purge everything off it), every single file will still exist online.

6. Saves phone storage: there’s no denying that the storage space on our devices is always shrinking but with cloud storage, you’re not limited to what your phone can handle. You’ll be able to upload all of those photos and videos without worrying about running out of room for more!

Moreover, if you have a smartphone with just 16 GB of storage, it’s a guarantee that at some point, you’ll be running out of space. With cloud storage, you won’t have to worry about that!

7. Flexibility: when using a traditional file system, we’re limited by our hard drive capacities; but with the vastness of the web, there are a virtually limitless amount of gigs at your disposal via cloud storage! If all of your data is stored in the cloud, you’ll never have to worry about running out of space again!

Practical Uses of Cloud Storage
Practical Uses of Cloud Storage

8. Cost savings: one huge benefit of using cloud services instead of a traditional file system is the cost-savings associated with it.

If you’re constantly paying for additional gigabytes from your carrier provider every month so that you don’t run out of space, we should mention how much that can add up! You can compare different pricing plans of hosting providers to find one suitable for your needs.

9. No more email attachments: Another annoying issue with phones is that when we want to send someone something like a document or PDF from one app but not another, we have to send it as an attachment.

This can be a long and hectic process that makes things unnecessarily complicated! With cloud storage apps, you’re able to upload your files directly from the app without having to attach them in order for someone else to view them.

10. Saves time: when it comes to storing something like an app or media file, it may take up a lot of physical space in comparison to how much data we actually need from the original device.

Cloud storage will save us time by allowing us to store these files indefinitely offsite so they won’t eat up any precious phone memory.

Practical Uses of Cloud Storage
Practical Uses of Cloud Storage

11. Diversifies how people receive information: whether someone wants an article sent over email or prefers PDFs, everyone has different needs and preferences.

With a cloud storage account, we’re able to share the files in whichever way that is most convenient for our recipient – which means more versatility than what’s possible with just one option.

12. Easy sharing: while it is possible to share files through the internet, many people prefer using a cloud storage account when they need to send something large or complicated. The recipient will receive an email with a link that includes your username and password – which means all you have to do is click on the link to access the file!

13. Good for group projects: while this isn’t something everyone needs to worry about, sometimes working with others means sharing information through more than just emailing attachments back and forth.

A good example would be students collaborating together on assignments, where one person creates a document and saves it to their own account while the other students log in with an email address.


With cloud storage or hosting platforms, you can easily store your files and access them from any device with an internet connection.

Not only is it safer than storing the information on a server that you have to maintain, but in many cases, it’s also cheaper because there are no upfront costs for hosting or storage space.

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