How To Print From Android Using a Brother Printer

One of the many functions that users like so much is that of being able to print with the use of the smartphone, therefore without the need to use a computer to start printing on paper from a printer.

This is a great convenience because if you receive a file on your phone, for example a PDF file, it will not be necessary to transfer the file to the PC where you will then have to access it to be able to print it, but it will be sufficient to start the print function directly from your smartphone.

How To Print From Android Using a Brother Printer
How To Print From Android Using a Brother Printer

Android, without going through other devices. Obviously, we are talking about Wi-Fi printers and by starting the print command from the phone, you will be able to get the print you need.

In this guide in particular we will deal with Brother printers that, without particular problems, are able to work with Android in order to print. If so you want to knowhow to print from android using a Brother printer, read on to find out more about how.

Being able to print from your Android smartphone is really a great convenience, this is because if you receive the file on your phone just open it and access the print screen, then start it to see the print sheet exit from your printer in a few seconds.

Among the many printers available we haveBrother printers, a brand known to all I believe and that in its history has created many models, many of which make use of the Wi-Fi connection and therefore can also be used with an Android smartphone to be able to print.

Printing from the smartphone, however, although in theory it should be quite simple and intuitive, in reality it is not always the case and therefore you cannot print and sometimes the user thinks of giving up everything because he no longer knows how to go forward.

If you too are finding yourself in this situation don’t worry and read on to find out more abouthow to print from Android using a Brother printer.

How to print from Android using a Brother printer

To be able to print with a Brother printer it is necessary to use a printer that uses Wi-Fi technology, otherwise with a normal printer without this type of connection it will be impossible to proceed with printing from a smartphone.

Secondly, an application calledBrother Print Service Plugin must be installed on the phone, an official app created by Brother and downloadable from the Google Play Store, which is used to allow an Android smartphone to communicate with the printer.

Brother and then be able to print on paper. But let’s see in more detailhow to print from Android using a Brother printer:

  • First you need to turn on your Brother Wi-Fi printer and connect to the Wi-Fi network
  • The Android smartphone being used must also connect to the same Wi-Fi network. Both smartphone and printer must therefore have in common the same Wi-Fi network to be connected to
  • From the phone, connect to the Play Store and search using the search bar for theBrother Print Service Plugin app, which is necessary to be able to print with this type of printer. Once you have found the application, proceed with the download and wait for its installation
  • Now open the file you want to print, for example an attached PDF file that was emailed to you
  • Once the file with the content you want to print is open with the app you have chosen to do this, for example theWPS Office app, you need to look for the icon or the print start function that if we always use it asWPS example, is inTools> File> Print. Tap thePrintbutton and selectSystemPrintServiceas the printservice> Select printer name
  • You should see a screen with the pages that you can select individually (if there are more than one) for printing. Choose the pages you want to print and press the circular icon that you find on the right of the screen with a drawn printer
  • Wait for the Brother printer to start printing on paper

What to do if printing does not start

It may happen that you cannot print to the Brother printer when you launch the print command from the Android smartphone, so in this case what can you do? First, I recommend that you restart your smartphone, then once the phone has restarted do the following:

  • Goto your smartphoneSettings
  • Then go toOther connections
  • Tap thePrintitem and make sure thatOnis indicated next toBrother Service Plugin
  • Press onBrother Service Plugin with your finger and wait for the Brother printer from which you want to print through your smartphone to be detected by an automatic scan.
  • Once the printer is detected it will show its name under thePrinterssection and you will be able to see the Brother printer name and IP number
  • Now go back to the file you want to print and repeat the steps to print as seen previously. So in summary, open thePDFfile to print and press from the app you use to open the file on thePrint button. Select the pages to print and proceed with printing

Other Reasons Why Printing May Not Be Successful

  • Remember that you must be connected with your smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network to which the printer is connected. Therefore, your smartphone and your Brother printer must have the same common Wi-Fi network
  • You don’t have to be with your smartphone both away from the printer and the router, but you do have to stay close to them as much as possible
  • If the Wi-Fi signal is very weak, printing may fail
  • Make sure the printer has enough toner
  • If you have problems with your smartphone’s Wi-Fi network, I recommend that you read this guide which explains what to do ifWi-Fi doesn’t work on Android
  • Make sure that the printer can work in Wi-Fi by doing a test print with the PC. If you still experience printing problems, resolve the problems by following the solutions described by the printer manufacturer


Having a smartphone from which you can print the documents and texts that you have saved in its memory is really a nice thing, as you can avoid having to connect to the computer and often if you receive, for example, a document via email on your phone, just turn on the printer and print everything from there.

Then there are those at home who only have a smartphone, a printer but do not have a computer, so in this case being able to print directly from the phone becomes even more useful.

With this guide we have also seenhow toprint from Android using a Brother printerand how to deal with the printing problems that may arise.

If you have followed all the steps you should now be able to print from your smartphone using a Brother printer. See you next guide.

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