6 Pro Tips For Instagram Stories

Do you use Instagram daily on a personal or professional basis? Here are 6 interesting tips to get the most out of Instagram stories.

6 Pro Tips for Instagram Stories
6 Pro Tips for Instagram Stories

6 Pro Tips for Instagram Stories

TIP 1 – Add and hide Hashtags to boost the reach of your story

Inserting hashtags into Instagram posts is a practice now more than common to maximize the organic reach of its publications.

Did you know that to boost the reach of a story, it was also very interesting?

As of today, Instagram allows you to add up to 10 hashtags per story .

If adding hashtags to your stories seems difficult or unfit for the content you share, know that there is a simple enough trick to add a few without making them visible to your followers:

  • Click on the text tool to write the hashtag of your choice (one at a time), select the color of your choice then use the vertical bar on the left of your screen to manage the size of your text: scroll to the lowest to make your new hashtag as small as possible
  • Then move your hashtag to the least important part of your photo or video (a place that you will then hide with another item)
  • Renew the operation as many times as you want to add hashtags (up to max 10) and move all your hashtags to the same place
  • Then add a place sticker or other item to hide your added hashtags

This trick works even better with “hashtags stickers” by pinching them (to shrink them) once created. These can be narrowed almost to infinitely small to make them almost invisible, even without having to add sticker, gif or image over to hide them.

TIP 2 – Make appear texts, Emojis, Gifs at a precise moment of video shared in story

Did you know that it is possible to postpone the display of a text, a sticker, an emoticon or a gif on an Instagram story video?

To bring up an item at a specific point in your video, just add that item to your video story and then hold it down for a few seconds until a scroll bar appears at the bottom of your screen .

At this point, all you have to do is scroll through the bar to display your item at the desired time.

TIP 3 – Create a color background on an Instagram Story

Depending on the content shared on your Instagram story, you may want to add a colorful background to your story.

Instagram allows this possibility through the color pipette or the colors offered by the application after clicking on the “Pencil” option.

In concrete terms, all you have to do is:

  • Select the desired color with the eyedropper or select a preset color in the “Pencil” section of Instagram stories
  • Stay a few seconds on your screen once the color is selected
    The entire screen of your story should then be filled with the selected color.

TIP 4 – Add a filter to your instagram video stories

Did you know that it was possible to add a filter to your Instagram video stories as well ?

If the proposed filters are much fewer and more powerful than those available for traditional publications, Instagram offers several filters to stylize a video shared story.

To add a filter to an Instagram video story, simply:

  • Take a video with built-in story functionality or import a story
  • Swipe to the right until you find the filter that’s right for you

Filters have names of cities such as “Paris”, “Oslo” and “Rio de Janeiro” in particular.

TIP 5 – Insert any GIF to a story Directly from the Giphy App

Can not find the gif you need to accompany your story from the built-in feature directly in Instagram stories?

Do not panic, there is another option to integrate a Gif to a storie by going directly through the application Giphy , partner of Instagram.

To do this, go to the Giphy application available on Android or iOS then:

  • Browse the hundreds of thousands of Gif with the many categories and the search engine to find THE gif to share in storie
  • Click on the paper plane icon at the bottom right of the gif you like (after clicking on it)
  • Select the icon of Instagram (if it’s the first time you do it, Giphy will ask you for permissions to access your photos and to be able to open the Instagram application)
  • At this point, Instagram will be open and you just have to click on the “Story” button to add your gif to your next story.

The only drawback of this trick is that you can not resize the added gif, it will be automatically added to the bottom of your story without you can resize it to the desired size.

It is therefore recommended to avoid adding Gifs in landscape format for better rendering when shared in Instagram.

TIP 6 – Disable private messages on instagram stories

Want to disable the feature that allows your followers to respond to your stories by sending you a private message?

If this tip is unattractive and recommended for business brand accounts, some personal accounts or influencers can receive dozens of private messages to each story and want to disable this feature allowing anyone to send a private message to an account via an Instagram storie response.

Here’s how to disable the option:

  1. In the interface for creating an Instagram story, click on the gear wheel located at the top left of the screen.
  2. You will thus access the “Options of story”
  3. Then click on the “No” button in the “Allow messages” section.

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