The Productivity Guide: Time Management Strategies That Work

The Productivity Guide: Time Management Strategies That Work
The Productivity Guide: Time Management Strategies That Work

What Is Productivity?

Every person wants to improve their productivity but are you sure you know what it is? Many people believe that it means doing more work but it isn’t exactly like that.

If the work you are doing is useless then it is productivity, it is just wasting your time. First, you need to know that there two kinds of productivity: the business one and the personal one.

Business productivity could be defined as the total amount of goods and services that a company produces in a certain period of time.

For example, your company works on producing face creams, they can produce an average of 7 jars per 10 minutes while another company can produce an average of 9 jars per 10 minutes with the same materials and equipment. That other company would be more productive than yours.

On the other hand, personal productivity means that an individual is able to work the right things and getting the results they want in less amount of time with minimum effort. Improving your productivity is a way to achieve your goals while staying focus on what matters and getting done more in less time.

Simple Ways To Be More Productive Every Day

Being more productive doesn’t mean that you have to keep yourself busy all the time and in this article, you will learn how to improve it while overcoming its common challenges such as frequent distractions like social media, unrealistic expectations, and lack of training. Here are some effective ways to become more productive

1.Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

Do you believe that there are not enough hours a day? Do you actually stay up late working with no breaks? You probably feel stressed, tired, and weak during those extensive work hours, that kind of work-life could have serious negative effects on your physical and emotional help.

The trick is to learn how to manage your energy and make sure that you take advantage of those times when your energy is at its peak. When you have more energy you will perform an activity faster and with less effort. Become aware of when you usually have the highest level of energy so you can use them to perform the most important work.

Another piece of advice is to eliminate the use of multitasking, it is better to focus on doing one thing the best you can than having to concentrate on different tasks and not being able to complete neither of them.

2.Prepare Your Night Before

The way how you prepare at night will highly impact the productivity of the next day. First, start by unplugging the devices to avoid having any contact with blue light 60 to 90 minutes before going to sleep.

Keep your bedroom neat and organized, plan your outfit, and breakfast for tomorrow, make sure it is something healthy that will fill you with energy.

Also, make that you keep any other things that you require for the next day such as your keys and wallet. Take a moment to plan the next day, check your appointments, determine which are the hardest tasks that you will have to accomplish, and create a to-do-list.

3.Turn Your Phone Off And Leave It In Another Room

Your phone is one of your biggest obstacles when you are looking to improve your productivity. It is easy to become distracted and spend hours on social media, text messages, and games.

So how can you prevent your phone from distracting you when you are supposed to work? The best solution is to turn it off and put it away to create some distance between you and your phone.

4.Sit Up Or Stand-Up

Using a standing desk can be beneficial to increase your productivity, it reduces neck and back pain. When it has adjustable heights you can take breaks from sitting and standing which reduces the discomfort and fatigue and make you perform your tasks better.

5.Use Special Tools

You can always use special tools that improve your productivity. If you work with transcriptions or you need to do them in order to complete your tasks faster then Audext is a great choice, this tool converts audio to text automatically in 10 minutes. If you are dealing with hours of audio that you need to transcribe then Audext will make your life easier.

Another helpful tool is nTask which helps you keep track of all the tasks you need to complete, create to-do-lists, and meeting agendas.

6.Develop A Pre-Game Routine To Start Your Day

Create a morning routine that allows you to get in the mood to work. You can do 30 minutes of exercise or meditate for 10 minutes. Your brain will get used to the routine and know that it is time to perform the tasks with motivation.

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