10 Projects to Improve Your Video Making Skills

Are you looking to improve your video making skills? Making videos is not something you learn simply by reading a book. However, online video maker software like Promo and many others can help you make video easier without spending too much time learning the tools.

10 Projects to Improve Your Video Making Skills
10 Projects to Improve Your Video Making Skills

10 Projects to Improve Your Video Making Skills

It’s important for a video maker to experiment with different projects. Over time, they find what they enjoy the most to put their uniqueness into their products.

These ten different project ideas will sharpen your skills. They’ll also help you discover what you enjoy most.

1. Record Interviews

Do you know someone who has had interesting experiences? Many times they are looking to share their knowledge with others. You can set up a quick interview where you can pick their story.

This will help them get their name out there too. Interviews are a great way for people to position themselves as experts. You also will be associated with them by giving them an interview.

Make sure to research the people you reach out to. That will allow you to ask them better questions and create a better conversation.

These days you can even do this virtually. There is no need to set up expensive equipment. Apps like Skype, Facetime, Zoom, and more make it easy to interview anyone in the world. Just arrange and record the meeting, you can have an interesting interview session!

2. Do a Whiteboard Animation

These are becoming very popular. The reason is business owners don’t need great pictures or footage to use. You can use software that draws whatever you want.

You can use your voice or hire a voice actor to narrate the video. These are highly engaging since the screen is always changing.

3. How-To Videos

There are a lot of complicated subjects out there. It could be about computers, language, and beyond. People always look up to how to do things. Find an interesting subject and make a how-to video, you may attract more viewers than you expect!

It also helps to put words on the screen to make it easier for visual learners. You can use demonstrations and drawings to make things easier to understand too.

4. Use A Greenscreen In Videos

These days you can even use a green screen app to put you in front of any background. You can play around with this by making it look like you’re outside or behind a news anchor desk.

Visual effects like these are a lot of fun and will broaden your portfolio and ability.

5. Response Videos

Is there a hot button issue you feel strongly about? You can record a response video to give your take. Those who have their own unique and strong takes have people flock to hear what they say.

You can do response videos to videos made by other people. YouTube is full of examples of users responding to each other via video format.

This is a fast way to get yourself out there. The only catch is you are fair game as well once you put your opinionated video out there. This is suited for those with thick skin.

6. Vlogging

Another common video format is the tried and true vlog. They were more popular in the early days of the internet. But, if you have a unique angle they can work.

Those with a big personality will also see much more of a response. Witty people and those that live an interesting lifestyle have the most success.

People who have a routine work, eat, workout, sleep lifestyle will likely not see a huge following. The reality is a lot of people already do that. But, the cool part is it is great practice and a low barrier to entry.

All you need is a smartphone and a YouTube Account.

7. Challenge Videos

You can also challenge your viewers to do something. This is a more engaging format since people naturally want to respond to a fun challenge.

Some of these ideas catch on. A big example is the ice bucket challenge.

You don’t have to come up with the ideas yourself. It is just as effective to create a slight twist on something that already worked. You can even piggyback off something that is currently popular. All you need is a mobile phone and a simple video maker tool to edit before publishing it on your social media.

8. Video Game Let’s Plays

Most people have a few video game genres that they enjoy. You can share your love of a game with others. The typical video maker in this genre does it as a hobby. A few make serious money from advertising and merchandising.

You simply need a microphone and screen recording software. Then you can play video popular or niche video games. It is helpful if you pick something that is about to become the next big trend. Being quite simple to make, it’s a possible entrance if you want to become a video maker.

Trying to jump into a crowded space like Minecraft Let’s Plays is great for practice. But, lots of people are willing to do the same.

9. Prank Videos

This is another type of video that has always been popular. People are looking for entertainment.

Avoid doing things that are fake or illegal. Many people lose their reputations by going too close to the line. It is better to keep things harmless and good-natured.

10. Create A Personal Story For You Or A Friend

Do you have a crazy story about you or a friend? Everyone loves a great story. Make sure it has a clear beginning, middle, and end.

Make the beginning foreshadow what the conflict will be. Don’t give away the resolution until the end of the video. This will keep your viewers hooked. Storytelling is possibly the most powerful skill in the world. Putting a great story in a video means there is no limit to how far it can spread.

Final Thoughts

Video making is an awesome pastime that can become a career. The key is to build your portfolio. Successful video makers and filmmakers often started simply exploring their passion.

The software and hardware available today make it possible for regular people. It doesn’t take very much to get your feet wet making videos.

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