Pros and Cons of Raffles

Raffles offers an easy way to make money for your organization. So, is it something that you should jump straight right after? Well, a quick evaluation of the pros and cons will help decide if it is the right thing for you.

Pros and Cons of Raffles
Pros and Cons of Raffles

The pros of raffles

The potential return is high

If you are interested in making quick profits, then raffles offer the best way to achieve this. The potential return in this business is high compared to other ways of making money.

Assuming you want to source funds for a certain cause, raffles will help you make that money with a limited budget. With proper marketing, you can already start counting your profits.

You can get sponsorship

It is also relatively easy to get sponsorship from an organization when you are running a raffle for a particular cause. The organization interested in your cause can help you fund the top prizes.

This means that the cost of operation reduces immediately because you don’t have to pay for the prizes.

Easy to set up

Compared to other ways of sourcing funds online, a raffle is an easier option to set up. You don’t need prior experience to start a raffle. You can evencreate raffle online nowif you want. You simply need a raffle software that will do everything on your behalf.

Easy to run

If you are running an online raffle, you don’t need to be worked out; the software will do everything for you. Therefore, the management of the raffle business will be easy since you are less involved.

Cons of raffles

Jurisdiction restrictions

One of the things that you must do is to first check if the region where you are running the raffle fundraiser allows such activities. It is a drawback because not all states allow raffles. If it is illegal in your state, then you cannot run it.

There are many laws

Just like any other form of business, the raffle has many laws that control it. You must understand different types of laws for you to run the raffle successfully. The laws that are related to raffles include finance, tax, and postal laws.

If you don’t follow the laws, you might set yourself up for a potential lawsuit. Therefore, always ensure that you understand all the rules governing the raffle before you start running it.


Another key issue is record-keeping. You have to be good at it to succeed. However, you can rely on an established system to keep records for you if you are running an online raffle.


With all the pros and cons of raffles discussed, it is easier to decide if it is something that you can go forward with. However, there is nothing that should stop you from it if you understand the cons and how to handle them.

The best thing of all is that you can create an online raffle that will eliminate most of the drawbacks and set you up for a good start in the raffle business

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