Quick Access to Recent Apps on Apple Watch With WatchOS 10

The Apple Watch with watchOS 10 introduces a number of new features to the way we use buttons and menus.

Tip: Quick Access to Recent Apps on Apple Watch With WatchOS 10

Tip: Quick Access to Recent Apps on Apple Watch With WatchOS 10

The side button now invokes Control Center. Swiping up on the screen has another new function and the digital crown is also more complete. So how can we get quick access to the apps we are using or have used recently? Come on.

The Apple Watch is going to change. The watchOS 10, which Apple presented earlier this month, wants to revolutionize the menus and the way of interacting in the many applications already present.

An example of this is the Training application, which becomes more relevant and, as a result, Apple was forced to change the way we interact with the different menus.

Furthermore, with the introduction ofwidgetsand other changes in the new operating system, the user may have noticed that a lot has changed, but no action has been lost.

For example, access to theDockof recently used apps is now no longer accessible with a side button press. As mentioned above, this now opens the Control Center.

The good news is that this feature hasn’t gone away, but the way to get to it is slightly different from previous versions of watchOS (watchOS 9 and earlier).

As such, today our suggestion is to show you how to access recently opened applications and, if necessary, close them with the new watchOS 10 interface.

What Apple Watch buttons do in watchOS 10

  1. Quickly double-press the Digital Crowninstead of the side button to open the Apple Watch Dock app;
  2. Pressing the side button once now opens Control Center. A double press of the side button opens your Wallet;
  3. Rotating the Digital Crown upwards now shows widgets. The same happens if on the clock screen you slide your finger upwards;
  4. A tap on the Digital Crown opens the Application Dock.It also allows you to return to the default display:
  5. Swiping down on the screen will show notifications. By clicking we can read the notifications.

Now, with these new taps and swipes rules, to view or close recent apps do the following:

  1. Quickly double-click the Digital Crown. Recently used applications will open;
  2. Swipe the app to the left and an X button will open to turn it off.

In this last step, because sometimes it is more complicated to move your finger to slide the application, you can now do this process, after invoking the recently used apps, running the Digital Crown. This rotation will open the X button, as seen in the image below, taken from the Apple Watch Ultra.

This last tip, it seems to us, still needs to be fine-tuned. This is because when we have the close option open, running the Digital Crown, the app is “stuck”. Possibly in the next beta versions and in the final version, Apple will bring something more to this action.

Anyway, these are the new ways to interact with the Apple Watch, apart, of course, from using Siri. In addition, there are actions that we can parameterize on the new Apple Watch Ultra button, the Action button.

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