How To Read Good On A Smartphone

The introduction of books from an early age is something that parents need to do to their children. With lots of reading, children will get any additional knowledge information from a book. Not only for children, adults are also advised to read books to still get knowledge and sharpen the brain.

How to Read Good on a Smartphone
How to Read Good on a Smartphone

How to Read Good on a Smartphone

In the digital age, most people are starting to turn to internet content to get reading material. Novels, short stories, story books, fairy tales, fiction or science books are now also widely available in digital form or e-books. The ease of reading is increasingly supported by smartphone devices and reader applications that support reading activities in any place.

To support digital book reading activities, smartphone users need to pay attention to eye health. Exposure to light from the smartphone screen continuously and for a long time can potentially damage the eyes. Therefore, smartphone users need to pay attention to how to read well and correctly so that the eyes stay healthy.

There are some rules that must be considered when we are reading with a smartphone, one of which is the duration or length of time to read. Reading should not exceed one hour. If you want more, then you should rest your eyes for at least 15 minutes before re-reading.

At rest, switch your eyes to see things that are green and natural colors such as sky blue. This transfer helps the inner layer of the eyeball that is in charge of capturing color and light to form the Rhodopsin zone (one of the vitamin A compounds). Rhodopsin in the form of this pigment is in the photoreceptor cells of the retinal organ responsible for the perception of light.

The second rule that must be considered when reading with a smartphone is our position. A good position is with the body and head upright, while the eyes point to the object of reading at an ideal distance of about 25-30 cm. But nowadays, reading activities are often done while lying down or stomach.

Many people find this position the most comfortable way to read. Though both of these positions have the potential to worsen the condition of a healthy eye.

Especially for eyes that are already problematic such as cylindrical eyes (astigmatism), minus, or plus, you should avoid reading while lying down or stomach. Reading while lying down will make the eyes work harder, because usually the light is blocked by books or heads, so the eyes don’t get enough lighting.

If you want to keep reading while lying down, then you should prop the back to the head to keep it upright or half-sitting position.

The latter is the most important rule when reading digital content, namely lighting. Ideally the lighting is directed directly to the reading object. It is better to choose white light or daylight, so that your reading environment is like being outside a room that has natural sunlight.

Often smartphone users assume that the light coming from the screen is bright enough that there is no need to need light from incandescent or fluorescent lamps. This assumption is clearly wrong, precisely what must be considered is the light of the room where we read, in addition to the screen capacity of the smartphone.

If you want to read digital content from a smartphone then pay attention to the feature to reduce screen light. The OPPO A92 screen for example, has been equipped with the ability to reduce the intensity of blue light which can damage the retina of the eye.

The OPPO A92 screen, which measures 6.5 inches and adopts Neo-Display 1080P with a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels, has received eye protection certification from TüV Rheinland. This certification ensures the A92 screen with a density of 405 PPI is safe for the human eye.

Also included in the OPPO A92 is the Eye Care settings menu, which provides color temperature settings from Cool to Warm. In the menu, there are also screen effect settings between Color and Black and White.

In addition, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) -based feature on the A92 can also learn user habits when using a cellphone so that it will adjust the backlight automatically when reading digital books.

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