How to Register Tantan on the Latest Android

How to Register for Tantan– Tantan is currently the closest online matchmaking media that is most popular among women and men, Tantan is also widely used to find a mate online, by using Tantan you can find a suitable partner and according to your interests.

How to Register Tantan on the Latest Android
How to Register Tantan on the Latest Android

Even though Tantan is famous among Indonesian people, including women, not many people understand how to register a Tantan account, especially if you are a tech-savvy person, don’t create a Tantan account, just making a Facebook account is not smart, I’m not being sarcastic.

But the fact is that, after all, my brother is also not very tech-savvy, let me vent, min…, let’s go back to the original topic, friend, because our topic this time is about tantan, so we will make a guide on how to create a tantan account, for the guide you can see below this.

How to Register Tantan on the Latest Android

Tantan before you create your account, you should first download and install the applicationtantanin google PlayStore, when already you can go to the next tutorial, as a mandatory requirement shall follow this tutorial you’ve installed the application tantan in your android smartphone.

1. Continue With Mobile

The first step is to register a tantan account, first you click Continue With Cellular (register tantan using a cellphone number) and if you want to register a tantan account using a facebook account, please select Login With Facebook.

2. Enter Mobile Number And Verify Tantan Account

The second step, you enter your cellphone number in the cellphone number verification menu, and a few minutes later you will get a verification code via phone call or sms, after getting the verification code you enter it into the column provided then clickContinue.

3. Enter Name, Date of Birth, Password and Gender

In the Register menu, you are asked to enter your identity information, starting with your name, date of birth, gender and also the password that we will use for our Tantan account, after that click continue.

4. Enter Profile Photo

In the input section of your profile photo, you are asked to upload a photo that clearly shows your face, you just click add photo and then look for your coolest photo.

5. Check Your Profile Photo

After you have selected a photo of yourself, which will later be used for the profile photo on the Tantan account if you feel that your photo is correct and according to the next step, click Finish.

6. Manage Your Privacy

In the Manage your Privacy section, leave it as default then click Start Swipe

7. The Tantan Account is Ready / Successfully Created

In this section, you have successfully created a tantan account, and if you find a notification Allow tantan to access contacts? just click allow, and if there are other notifications that are the same as this, but with a different message, just click allow.


Well now you have successfully created a tantan account, and from now on you can find a mate in tantan easily, I wish you good luck finding your soul mate.

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