Easy To Reinstall Windows 10 Without Installation Media

There is a feature in Windows 10 that can be described as a method to reinstall the system for beginners and beginners. In this way, everyone can easily reinstall the system to bring it back into a usable state. So you can easily get rid of bloatware on a new computer.

Easy to Reinstall Windows 10 without Installation Media
Easy to Reinstall Windows 10 without Installation Media

Easy to Reinstall Windows 10 without Installation Media

After heavy use – or only after many years of lighter use – Windows can get slow or not everything working as it should. The more experienced will be able to reinstall the system themselves, they will know how to create the installation media, etc.

Although creating and obtaining the installation media and the installation itself has undergone significant simplification over the years, it is still not a process I would recommend to those who have heard earshot.

Fortunately, Microsoft has provided the latest version of Windows 10 with a feature that simplifies the process as much as possible . For the sake of completeness, I add that a similar tool appeared in Windows 8.

Even though it still includes Tens to this day, this tool was only able to restore the system to its factory condition, as the manufacturer intended. (For example, he left the antivirus selected by him.)

Therefore, this procedure could have ended up with bloatware in the system from the beginning. But all those applications and tools from computer manufacturers usually slow down devices. You won’t be able to use all kinds of demo versions for a long time.

Often it pays to cleanly install Windows right on a new computer – sometimes it’s faster and less problematic than getting rid of bloatware manually.

It is for this purpose that the younger process that we imagine, which begins in the Security Center, serves. Please note that it cannot be considered as a pure blood equivalent of a clean media installation, but it is a reasonable alternative that should satisfy most people who are troubled by a messy system.

In addition, the function is designed to be used by everyone, including beginners and beginners .

A few factual notes on Windows 10 recovery

The process we imagine is easy to perform and requires no installation media. There are still a few things to keep in mind:

    • All your programs will be removed as part of the reinstall . Prepare appropriate installation programs, activation keys, etc. for possible reinstallation.
    • Personal files should be preserved, but you should always back up your data before reinstalling . You never know what goes wrong. Backups should be your normal routine, even if your computer is working well.
    • All drivers (without added management applications and utilities), including those from the manufacturer, will be retained in the system after the recovery process , ie the computer should be fully functional after the process.
    • As part of the recovery process, only factory-downloaded applications that are downloaded from the Store can be retained , not desktop programs. But these are the remains, slowing down the startup of the computer, etc. Applications from Store should be easy to get rid of, uninstalling leaves no traces in the computer.
    • A clean installation of Windows 10 includes a number of Microsoft applications , or promoted applications. You will encounter these apps after the process, and you may have to remove them manually.

“Getting Started Again” step by step

1. Open the Security Center and navigate to the Device Performance and Status section
2. Click Get Started
3. Confirm the action in the User Account Control dialog
4. Windows explains what follows. Click Next
5. Wait a minute for the initial preparation of the process
6. Your applications will be removed, at this point you will find a list of such applications
7. Have you investigated enough time to reinstall? Did you back up your data? Then click Start
8. The first phase of the reinstallation begins. Now you can just wait
9. Wait for the installation to complete
10. During the reinstallation, the device will restart several times
12. When you are finished, the login screen will welcome you. So log in…
13. and wait for the integrated applications to be installed
14. After switching to the desktop, get started. For example, you can install programs that you actually use

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