How to Repair NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM Error (Quick Guide)

If you start computer to work then you get a error “Your PC ran into a problem and need to restart”. Quickly you understand that you need to repair NTFS File System Error.

How To Repair NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM Error
How To Repair NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM Error

How To Repair NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM Error

Hard disk corruption or faulty

  • Start the computer in Safe Mode and follow the steps below.
  • Once in safe mode, click Start, Run, then type cmd in the execution line and press Enter. At the command prompt, type chkdsk / f to correct any errors on the hard disk. If errors are detected, it is also advisable to run ScanDisk on the computer and repair it.

How to use Microsoft ScanDisk?

Disable Backup Programs, Disk Tools, and Alternative Viruses

All backend programs designed to help back up your data, disk tools such as third-party disk defragmentation tools, and some anti-virus programs may to be at the origin of this problem.

Disable backup programs and disk tools running on your computer.

As antivirus programs may also be the cause, we suggest you uninstall your current antivirus and install an alternative antivirus to protect your computer.

Reinstall Windows

If the problem occurs during Windows Setup or immediately after Windows is reinstalled, we suggest that you restore Windows using the System Recovery CD, Windows Installation CD, or hidden partition.

To help ensure that this is not a hard drive problem, we suggest that you install, delete and recreate all hard drive partitions, format the drive, and then to install Windows.

If you encounter errors during the formatting process, the hard disk is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Bad material

Finally, if, after following all the steps above, you still can not install or boot Windows, you may have a hardware problem. Your computer may have a bad hard drive, a bad cable, or a bad connection on the motherboard. We suggest first to replace the hard disk of the computer.

We hope that you now understand that how to repair NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM error

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