How To Replace WhatsApp Ringtone With Songs

Replace WhatsApp Ringtones: In a day, you must have more than 10 times opening WhatsApp right? study online, work online, or just monitor important groups in your WhatsApp. Have you ever felt bored with that WhatsApp notification ring – that’s all? Actually, there is a default WhatsApp setting to change the ringtone, be it notifications for calls (incoming calls) or messages (incoming messages) with a tone of your choice of choice.

How to Replace WhatsApp Ringtones With Songs
How to Replace WhatsApp Ringtones With Songs

Oh yes, if you want to replace whatsapp ringtone with the song of your choice, you have to prepare the song/tone that you will use for the WA ringtone. Usually, the song has an MP3 format.

Things that need to be understood

Before I explain how to change the ringtone earlier, you need to know that there is a difference between one cellphone and another.

Here we will only discuss Android phones. For the types of Android phones themselves, there are many types and brands of cellphones, right? Each brand (such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, etc.), has a different Android variant.

For example, the Oppo android interface is ColorOS, Samsung withOne UI, Xiaomi with its mini android, infinix with its XOS, etc. Everything is the same as Android, but each vendor modifiesBase Androidaccording to their needs.

So even though both Android 8, for example, have different brands of HP, they have different interfaces. Well, that is the reason why the WA ring tone display settings can be different.

In this article, I will give some examples of how to change ringtones from several types of cellphones that have different Android interfaces.

How to Replace WhatsApp Ringtones With Songs

So you need to adjust which method is more appropriate to use on your cellphone. In terms of settings on WhatsApp, it is not much different, the difference is in how to add the song.

There are cellphones that can directly add more from WhatsApp, there are also those that don’t have the “Add ringtone” menu, so they need to be tricked in other ways.

Speaking of the first one, the menu adds its ringtone there. So this is the easiest. Here I am using an Infinix smart 4 cellphone.

1. Open your WhatsApp application. Tap the “dot icon” in the upper right corner to bring up the menu.

2. Then select the “settings” or “settings ”

3. On this settings page, select and tap the “Notifications” menu.

4. On the notification settings page, there are settings related to message notifications, groups and calls/phone calls. As an example here I will change the ringtone for calls only. So here tap the “Ringtones” menu under the “Call” settings

5. After that, a selection of ringtones will appear as below. You can choose one, but if the song/sound you want to use isn’t there, tap the “Add ringtone” menu.

6. After that you will be taken to the file manager as below. Open the song storage folder, then select the song that you prepared earlier.

7. After you select a song, you will be automatically brought back to the previous ringtone selection page, here you can see the song you added. Just choose the song. Then press “ok”.

8. Done. At this point, you have successfully changed your WhatsApp call ringtone.

Repeat the above process for setting ringtones for group or chat messages.

FYI, if you are using an Oppo cellphone with android ColorOS, how to change the WA ringtone is almost the same as the method above. It’s just that if the oppo in step no.5 the menu is “select from file” not “Add ringtone”. After tapping, go directly to the folder that contains music/ringtones.

For Xiaomi cellphone users with miui

Most of the Xiaomi products follow the Android One program, where the Android used is pure android and has not been modified. But most of them do use MIUI.

Here I am using the Xiaomi Redmi S2. Changing the WA ring tone on this cellphone is not much different from what I have explained. The objective displays and action options are slightly different.

For steps no.1-4 the same as the method above.

5. Hereafter tapping the “Ringtones” menu, menu options will appear as below. Here select the “theme” icon. Why to choose a theme instead of a file manager or music? I’ll explain below, so just watch the steps first. Okay.

6. After entering the HP Theme settings press the “profile/person” icon in the lower right corner. Then select “ringtones.”

7. Next, on the “Ringtone” page select the plus sign “+” which means adding a new ringtone. Then on the select tone page, select “file manager”.

8. Select the song/tone of choice that you have prepared. Until there is a “tick”, then “okay” at the bottom.

9. Now the tone has entered the ring tone list, press “apply”, then “okay”.

10. Done, the song or tone of your choice has succeeded in becoming a call ringtone on WhatsApp.

So above, in step 5 I asked to select “theme”, not music or file manager. This is because from my experience if you choose this, the ringtone likes to change to the default.

So the fix is don’t select a ringtone in the music folder or file manager. Only through “themes” only. Like the steps, I described above.

Problems that often arise and how to solve them

There are several problems that I encountered in this experiment or maybe you are also experiencing the same problem, now they are as follows.

  1. The selected song is not in the WA tone selection setting.
  2. Already changed the ringtone but suddenly changed to the default tone.

For a solution to the first problem, make sure you have successfully pasted (pasted) the song of your choice in the “ringtones” folder in the internal memory.

So if there is no ringtones folder, you can try to find the “Notification” folder and paste the song there.

As for the second problem, I found it on the Xiaomi cellphone. To fix this, I also explained at the end of the discussion regarding Xiaomi cellphones above.

At the end of this article, there is some additional information about the process of changing ringtones on WhatsApp.

  • The tone/song that you have entered on the WhatsApp ringtone list will not be lost. So, even though you have deleted the tone in the ringtones folder or other storage folder, it still exists. This applies to all the ways I have described. So, please make sure that the tone/song is neat to use interchangeably with your w ringtones.
  • Oh yes, before doing this method, first update your WA to the latest version, so you can successfully change the ringtone.

Ok, until here first this article, if there is something that doesn’t workwhen you try it, or there are other ways besides what I have explained, please explain in the comments column below.

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