Resident Evil 4 Remake Guide, Tricks, Tips and Secrets

Get over Leon’s adventure in Spain with the help of our comprehensive guide. History, collectibles, weapons, tips and much more to get 100% of the game.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Guide, Tricks, Tips and Secrets

Resident Evil 4 Remake Guide, Tricks, Tips and Secrets

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Welcome to our guide to Resident Evil 4 Remake, the fine-tuning of the classic originally released on the GameCube and remastered for a huge variety since. Throughout this guide, we will explain how to complete the game 100%, including a step-by-step guide free of plot spoilers, all the treasures, weapons and much more.


The story ofResident Evil 4 Remaketakes Leon, a survivor of Racoon City, to aremote town in Spainin search of thedaughter of the President of the United States. In this guide, we will explain,without plot spoilers, how to beat the game by completing 100% of the activities, puzzles and collectibles.


You have a large number of weapons that you can buy from the Peddler or get by other means. Each of them has special characteristics and here we will explain how to get them all, as well as their statistics, so you can choose which one interests you the most.

S+ rank

The S+ Rank challenge is back. In this section, you will see therequirements and rewardsfor achieving Rank S+ in each of the difficulties, andtricks for Hardcore in S+.


There aremore than a hundred collectibles that can be obtained while playing the game.Each one of them has some characteristics and serves to get special rewards. Here you will see how to get them all, as well as what you will get from each one.

  • Mechanical Castellans –Destroy all 16 dolls to unlock a special weapon.
  • Small Keys and Locked Drawers:There are a total of 8 keys and locked drawers, inside which you’ll find extra treasures.
  • Special Keys and Chests –There are 10 special chests scattered throughout the game that require 2 special keys. Inside you will find more treasures to sell to the Peddler.
  • Blue Medallions –One of the classic collectibles from the original is back. Here you will see where to find the 6 groups of medallions to destroy, to get spinels in exchange.
  • Treasures –The main collectible in the game. Find with our help more than 100 treasures that you can sell to get money.


You will come across a huge number of puzzles, most of them completely mandatory, that you will have to solve. Although they all have a logical solution, in this section we will quickly give you thesolutions for each difficulty, since some puzzles have 2 ways of solving depending on whether it is played on the highest difficulties.


Skips are shortcuts that save time, sometimes skipping entire sections of the game and slashing several minutes. This, which is very useful for aspeedrun, is quite present in the game.

Here we will talk about the best ones currently known, without counting glitches that will logically be patched soon for sure.

Enemies and bosses

There’s a whole slew of enemies andbossesthat Leon will have to deal with during his adventure. In this small encyclopedia of enemies we are going to leave you details on how to kill each and every one of them, including final bosses:


Requests are theside missions of thegame. In this section, you will see where and how to complete each of them, in order to get objects to exchange for special equipment from the Peddler.

Shooting galleries

Shooting Galleries allow you to show off your marksmanship to earnGold and Silver Tokens. With them, you can getCharms, some accessories that allow you to activate special effects. Here you will see where and how to get the best rewards of each one.

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