Review of the NEO Cryptocurrency: Features And Prospects of the Project

Given its unique position in the Asian markets, NEO is predicted by many to be a cosmic success. As of now, NEO is taking the lead in the market as one of the best Dapp development platforms.

Review of the NEO Cryptocurrency

Review of the NEO Cryptocurrency: Features And Prospects of the Project

What is NEO?

NEO is a non-profit blockchain project that provides Dapp developers with an easy-to-use platform and builds an intelligent economy distributed network system.

The official website of NEO,, notes that the project is rapidly growing and developing, which gives the NEO cryptocurrency the prospect of becoming the basis for the next generation of the Internet.

NEO is an open-source blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Features of the NEO network

The NEO network is built on two tokens. NEO and NEOGAS. All NEO crypto were pre-mined during the beginning possibility. The hard circulation limit is 100 million tokens.

NEO tokens are used for block creation, network governance, and consensus requirements. GAS tokens are intended to be used as fuel for the NEO blockchain.

GAS was not designed in advance but to allocate resources and support the day-to-day running of the blockchain. It is also used to reward blockchain users.

Review of the NEO Cryptocurrency

Smart contracts on the NEO blockchain

In the current economizing, one of the key issues is trust. Both NEO and Ethereum have attempted to crack this issue with smart contracts. They then complete a smart contract that is held on a decentralized blockchain.

The transaction is then executed in strict accordance with the terms of the agreement. This means that the entire transaction takes place without the direct participation of the parties.

You don’t have to rely on someone else to back your side of the deal because the blockchain will force them to do so.

Advantages of NEO Programming

NEO and Ethereum smart contracts are created employing programming tongues. The difference is that Ethereum uses its native language called solidity.

NEO smart contracts can be written in C# and Java. Ultimately, creators will also add Python and Go for smart contracts.

How to get started with cryptocurrencies?

To carry out such operations, swap trxup to clp; you will need a virtual wallet and a bank card. Now users can create the following types of wallets:

  • desktop or local, it must be installed on a computer;
  • mobile is made in the form of a downloadable application for the gadget;
  • An online wallet provides access from any device; it is well-suited for beginners;
  • Hardware devices are designed to be installed on a flash drive, designed for users with a large number of assets.

The choice of type depends on the needs and goals of users. Mobile allows you to make payments well; if you often carry out transactions, it would be better to have an online wallet, and if you are going to save and invest, then choose a hardware one.

They may differ in the registration process, depending on the platform. Still, the general process is as follows: you need to download an application or utility, install and activate it, and you can use it.

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