Review Synology DiskStation DS218 +, Affordable Prices, Reliable Performance

NAS (Network Attached Storage) is still a data storage solution, especially for enterprises. NAS itself is a data storage device with an operating system that is dedicated to serving the needs of backup and data sharing.

Review Synology DiskStation DS218 +, Affordable Prices, Reliable Performance
Review Synology DiskStation DS218 +, Affordable Prices, Reliable Performance

NAS can be accessed directly through networks with protocols such as TCP / IP. This device only needs to be connected to the server through a network such as a hub, switch, or router. That way, you can access your data anywhere and through any device as long as the device can be connected to the internet or intranet.

In the NAS there is a storage drive whose job is to store or backup and share files on a network. Data backup on NAS is very easy, because NAS provides flexibility in storage systems from RAID 0 to RAID 10, making data safer. It is this capability that makes companies use NAS to store their data.

Review Synology DiskStation DS218 +, Affordable Prices, Reliable Performance

One of the most widely used NAS brands is Synology. One of NAS’s flagship products from Synology is Synology DiskStation DS218 +.

Synology DiskStation DS218 + is already available in Indonesia at a price of Rp 4,999,000. With a fairly affordable price compared to similar products, Synology DiskStation DS218 + is targeting the SME, startup and even home users segments. Synology DiskStation DS218 + comes in a black variant.

This time, the Editor of Selular.ID had the opportunity to review Synology DiskStation DS218 +. Following the review.

The design

Black bandage on the whole body, giving the impression of a sturdy and elegant Synology DiskStation DS218 +. DS218 + has a height of 165mm, width of 108mm, and length of 232.2mm.

This NAS has a weight of 1.30kg. With these dimensions and weights, the Synology DiskStation DS218 + feels slim and light.

At the front there are LED Status indicators, LAN indicators, Drive status indicators, USB 3.0 ports, USB copy buttons and buttons and LED Power Indicator. Still on the front, there is a cover that can be opened.

While on the back there are two USB 3.0 ports, a Reset button, eSATA port, 1GbE RJ-45 port, Kensington Security Slot and Power port. On the right and left, the Synology logo is displayed.

Installation process

Before using Synology DiskStation DS218 +, you must first install. The installation method is quite easy. Following the review.

  1. First plug the adapter cable and plug into the socket.
  2. Then attach the LAN cable and connect with the Router.
  3. Then press the power button to turn on Synology DiskStation DS218 +
  4. Now open a web browser and visit
  5. Next click Connect to begin the process of configuring your NAS Synology. In this process, you must create a Synology account by entering the server name, user name and password. When finished, click Next.
  6. Next create a QuickConnect Synology account. There are two options provided namely Create QuickConnect ID with a new Synology Account for users who don’t have an account and Create QuickConnect ID with an existing Synology Account for those who have already registered.
  7. Then you will be asked to install a few core application packages. You can also skip this step and retrieve them one by one later.
  8. Next you will enter the DiskStation Manager application. Then there will be a brief tutorial on how to use DiskStation Manager.
  9. Afterwards enter the network menu in your computer’s file explorer. Then log in using the password and username that you created earlier.
  10. After all processes are finished, the Synology DiskStation DS218 + is ready to be used to store data.

Performance and features

In Synology DiskStation DS218 + there are two hard disk slots with a maximum total capacity of 24TB. Each hard disk slot has a capacity of 12TB. While the maximum hard disk upgrade capacity reaches 108TB.

In the unit we received there was only one Seagate SATA hard disk with a capacity of 12TB. Synology DiskStation DS218 + is supported by a hot swap feature that facilitates the installation or upgrade of components.

Only by opening the front cover then pressing the lock button while pulling the storage holder slot out. You can install and remove the storage drive to the holder using a screwdriver to tighten and loosen the bolt.

Kitchen spur, Synology DiskStation DS218 + embedded Intel Celeron J3355 dual core processor supported by hardware encryption engine (ES-NI) technology. This processor provides an encrypted reading speed of 1123 MBps and an encrypted writing speed of 112MBps. Through this capability, the process of transferring data to the NAS is quite fast.

When we tried to transfer a file size of 2.7GB from a PC to Synology DiskStation DS218 + very fast in only 7 seconds. The files that we transfer are photos and video types.

We also tried to transfer large files reaching 17.8GB. The file contains photos, videos, music and documents. The time needed for the transfer of large files is quite fast only 43 minutes.

This processor also supports 4K content transcoding capability with a 30fps framerate. Also included is DDR3L type RAM with a capacity of 2GB which can be increased up to 6GB.

This NAS is supported by Synology DiskStation Manager software that makes it easy for you to process files. Synology DiskStation Manager offers four applications such as Package Center, Control Panel, File Station, and DSM Help.

The Package Center allows you to install, update and uninstall applications. If you see a notification from the Package Center, this indicates that one or more installed applications need to be updated.

File Station is a file manager that allows you to create and browse folders on your NAS. You can also edit files such as cutting, pasting, moving, and deleting files.

Through the Control Panel, you can set NAS and other configurations. As the name implies, DSM Help helps you provide instructions about Synology DiskStation DS218 +.


At a price of Rp 4,999,000, the Synology DiskStation DS218 + offers reliable features and performance for entry-level NAS. Synology DiskStation DS218 + file transfer capability is quite fast with all types of files and large sizes though. How to install it is fairly easy.

In terms of design, this NAS looks sturdy, but not too heavy so it is easy to move from one place to another. With these capabilities, Synology DiskStation DS218 + is suitable for home users, SMEs and startups.

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