How to Save Files to Google Drive

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to save any type of file on Google Drive both on your phone and on your computer.

Google Drive is a cloud storage system that any person who has a Google account can use. By default, everyone gets 15GB free to use and you can put any file you want into this online storage.

How to Save Files to Google Drive
How to Save Files to Google Drive

In this tutorial, we will show you two very simple ways to save/put files into Google Drive, one from your computer and one from your phone – the process on the phone will be done on an iPhone but the steps are very similar if you have one Android device.

How to save files to Google Drive

First of all, you must have a Google account to be able to enjoy the benefits of Drive, if you already have an email @gmail it means you already have a Google account. In fact, just having an Android means that you are using a company account, just check which email is registered and enter it on your computer.

Save files by computer

To save files on your computer just have the Google Chrome browser installed on your machine, the vast majority of computers already have it installed.

After downloading Chrome, simply log in directly to your browser with your Gmail account and go to your browser’s home page. Then a tab with a small application menu and the Drive name inside should already appear in your browser. To access Google Drive, just click on Google Drive.

After clicking on the icon, the Google Drive file location should open for you. If you already have a saved file (or several, as in our case) it will appear on this screen or inside the folders you created. If anything is not saved, it will be a blank square.

To add a file,just click with the right mouse buttonin the middle of the panel and then this options box should open. To upload a file, just select theUpload Files option. You can also simply drag files directly to this browser page if you prefer.

After clicking on this option, theWindows selection box will open. For demonstration purposes I created a page with an example file that we will add to Google Drive. I’ve also created a sample folder within Google Drive to get a better look.

After selecting the file just wait, when the upload is complete you will see a dialog in the lower right corner indicating completion – it also shows the % complete of the process.

That’s it, now you have a file saved on your Google Drive!

Save files by mobile

On mobile, we will not save files through the browser, but through the dedicated Google Drive application. In most cases, Android devices come with the application pre-installed at the factory since Google owns the operating system. On iPhones, it is necessary to go to the App Store and download the appseparately.

After you download the app, simply log in with your Gmail account to be able to access the online storage. When accessing by cell phone you will have access to the same files that you have access by computer, so if there is nothing there your Drive will be blank, if you have the files will appear normally. To add a new file justtap on the + symbol.

After clicking on the symbol, some options will open up. You can create a folder, a presentation on Google Slides or simplyuploada file, touploada file, select theUpload option.

As we are using an iPhone for the tutorial, the file selection part is quite limited, making basically only photos and videos can be sent to Google Drive. On Android devices and computer the selection extends to any file anywhere on the system.

We chose to send an image or a video, now just select the file you want to send and click send, the time it will take to send the file will depend on your internet connection, the faster the less time it will take.

Got any questions about the tutorial? No problem, you can ask your questions in the comments below! We will respond to them as soon as possible.

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