How to Save MP3s on YouTube Safely

There are many music applications available on the internet that you can use. Even so, quite a few people prefer to listen to music or songs from YouTube or YouTube Music. Apart from providing a simple and pleasing UI, downloading and saving MP3 files is also fairly easy.

How to Save MP3s on YouTube Safely, Easy and Fast

How to Save MP3s on YouTube Safely, Easy and Fast

Don’t worry, there are quite a lot of ways to save MP3s on YouTube, although some of them require third-party applications. So, what are the steps? Read more in the following review.

Save MP3s in YouTube Music

YouTube Music itself is a version of YouTube that offers music playlists like other streaming platforms, such as Spotify. Interestingly, the music or songs you hear can be downloaded and saved easily. However, you have to subscribe to YouTube Music Premium first, guys.

After that, you can follow the guide on how to save MP3s on YouTube Music below.

  • Open YouTube Music from your device
  • Search and find the song or music you want
  • Click the Three Dots to access the Menu
  • Click Download
  • You can open the download results in the Downloads section

Unfortunately, to listen to music or songs that have been downloaded and saved, you must connect to the internet network at least once for 1 month or 30 days to be able to maintain the music downloads.

Save MP3 Playlists in YouTube Music

You can even download and save music playlists or songs on YouTube easily and practically. The method is actually almost the same as saving songs one by one in the previous point. However, this time there are many reasons directly through the playlist that has been created.

The safest and most legal terms and methods for storing MP3 songs on YouTube are the same, namely you must subscribe to YouTube Music Premium first. Only after that can you follow the steps below.

  • OpenYouTube Music
  • Search and find Song or Music Playlists that you like
  • Click Download
  • The download results are in the Downloads section

That’s the information we can share about how to save MP3s on YouTube safely, easily and quickly. Hope it is useful.

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