4 SBMPTN 2023 Online Tryout Sites Free To Enter Favorite PTN

Preparing to take the SBMPTN test must start now. Competition for seats in State Universities (PTN) is very tight. From 2018 SBMPTN statistics, only 148,066 participants (18.58%) passed 797,023 participants.

4 SBMPTN 2019 Online Tryout Sites Free to Enter Favorite PTN
4 SBMPTN 2023 Online Tryout Sites Free to Enter Favorite PTN

To face the SBMPTN Test in the form of a computer-based written test, aka UTBK SBMPT, you must start doing the SBMPTN practice questions. In the era that is all advanced now, there are practice questions that you can access via the internet, namely online tryouts . For those of you who want to try the SBMPTN online tryout that can be accessed free of charge , see the full explanation below.

4 Free Online Tryout Sites for SBMPTN 2023 Preparation

Some of the sites below TrueGossiper recommends those of you who want to learn to prepare for SBMPTN for free. You only need a computer or laptop or cellphone and internet access to do an online tryout. By trying to work on the exam questions, then you will get valuable experience so as not to be surprised when taking the exam. Alright, here are 4 SBMPTN free online tryout websites .

1. Teacher’s Room

Ruangguru is a large technology company that focuses on education-based services. Ruangguru provides a variety of educational services, one of which is SBMPTN online tryouts. To be able to access the SBMPTN practice questions, you must first register. You can register for free and you can directly download SBMPTN practice questions provided by Ruangguru.

You can find a variety of questions, ranging from Indonesian, English, Mathematics, Biology, History, and many others. Unfortunately, to be able to try full try out online, you have to pay some money first. If you use a free package, you can only download the questions and do them offline.

2. TryOut.id

Tryout.id provides complete and best learning questions and discussion in Indonesia. For those of you who want to take part in the SBMPTN, you should start working on the SBMPTN exercises at Tryout.id. It’s not just a matter of SBMPTN training, questions for entering official schools are also available here such as STAN .

You can learn to do practice exercises anytime, anywhere, because Tryout.id can be accessed with a mobile form that is lightweight and easy to use. To start using the Tryout.id service, you must first register. The registration process is free of charge and without a lengthy process.

3. Utron

Utron facilitates students who want to continue their education to college level by presenting an online SBMPTN tryout for free. There are two online SBMPTN Tryout mechanisms on Utron, the first is done simultaneously with the ranking system in accordance with the schedule determined by the Utron and the second is a regular exercise that you can try repeatedly and at any time while you are a member.

There is an overall SBMPTN tryout package of 10 packages and you can select / try the test groups that you want SAINTEK or SOSHUM. You can download questions and discussion in the format (. Pdf) so you can learn more in detail.

4. Come on! Try out

From the name alone it is clear the function of this site. Come on! Try Out provides various tryout questions that you can access online without being charged anything. To be able to do tryout exercises on this site, you first have to have a line account. After that you have to ask for the tryout login code to @ayotryout . This site provides answer keys and discussion questions, in addition to that there are also scores of older and newer versions of passing grade.

There are two types of questions that you can use to learn, namely SAINTEK and SOSHUM . Unfortunately to get full access, you must become a premium member by paying a sum of money.

The final word

Those are the 5 online tryout sites for 2023 SBMPTN preparation recommended by TrueGossiper. Hopefully you get the maximum results in the SBMPTN exam later and can be accepted at the PTN of your choice.

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