Schedule Your Outlook Email To Send It Later

Schedule your Outlook Email: Boomerang will give you enhanced functionality when sending emails. With him you will plan it as you need. Long live automation.

Schedule your Outlook Email to Send it Later
Schedule your Outlook Email to Send it Later

Schedule your Outlook Email to Send it Later

It is not quite common for postal services and clients to offer delayed emailing. Typically send it immediately, save it as a drafted post, which you manually submit later. But how do you simplify your life if you know you can use the planner?

What if the recipient receives so many messages that it is appropriate to contact the recipient at a certain time so that your message does not fail? If you use, you can use the free Boomerang plug-in for delayed sending. How to do it?

Installing Boomerang

You will first come to with the add-on. Open your mailbox in a browser on your computer. Next, bring up the context menu of any received or drafted message. In both cases, you’ll see Get Add-ons in it .

Click it and then look for Boomerang in the add-ons menu . If you don’t see it on the main page, type in the search box. When it appears, touch Add .

Schedule your submission

The add-on for is not Czech, but you will certainly be able to use a simple application for the purpose described above.

When you write an e-mail, Boomerang hides under the eloquent symbol in the toolbar , where you can also find the Send and Discard buttons . Open the Boomerang menu and select Send Later .

Many preset options are available. E-mail can be sent in four hours ( in 4 hours ), the next morning (tomorrow morning) or afternoon (tomorrow afternoon), in two days, in a week, etc.

After selecting the date, Boomerang will confirm the scheduling with an information banner. Now you can close your browser again.

Exact date of dispatch

To specify the exact day and time of submission , click custom . At this point, the app may still ask you to authorize, if necessary.

In the sidebar in the At a specific time subsection , use the calendar to specify the day of dispatch. You must enter the time manually, even if a certain value is preset.

Just be careful, Boomerang does not work with the well-known 24-hour format, but with the 12-hour format you may know from some English-speaking countries.

AM determines the time in the first part of the day, ie night and morning, while PM determines the second, ie afternoon and evening. To confirm sending on the selected day and time, tap Confirm .

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