SCUM Gaming Keys And Controls

SCUM Gaming: SCUM met game lovers in August 2018. In fact, the combination of Keys to Scum survival game is very complicated. These controls are the default settings, you can assign another key to any control if desired.

SCUM Gaming Keys And Controls

However, when replacing the key, make sure that the other key is idle, if it is not idle, that control will be wasted.

SCUM Gaming Keys And Controls

  • W, A, S, D: Don’t move
  • Space: Jumping
  • C: Bending
  • X: lying on the floor
  • Bottom: Don’t Look Around
  • Mouse wheel up, down: Walking, Acceleration, Running

Scum Fight Mode

  • Fist: Left Mouse Key
  • Kick: Right Mouse Button
  • Block: Left ALT Key
  • Focus on the target (previous, next): Q, E

Scum Weapon Mode

  • Fire: Left Mouse Key
  • Engagement: Right Mouse Key
  • Sarjor Replacement: R
  • Breath Hold: Left CTRL key
  • Aim Zoom Level Increase – Decrease: Mouse Wheel Up – Down
  • Increase – Decrease Weapon Reset Level: CTRL + Mouse Wheel Up – Down
  • Changing Weapon Firing Mode: Mouse Wheel
  • Butt Shooting: CTRL + Right Mouse Key

Scum Other Mods

  • Fighting Mode: V
  • Interaction: F
  • Goal: T
  • Camera Angle (FPS, TPS): Enter
  • G: If you have night vision helmet, it turns on and off.

If you have a problem with SCUM gaming controls, you can forward it to us in the comment section below.

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