List Of Best Free Shooters On Android (FPS And TPS)

Want to play a shooters on Android mobile, whether FPS or TPS,? Then you’ve come to the right place. We present a selection of titles that have caught our eye and which offer an interesting video game experience on smartphone or tablet.

List of Best Free Shooters on Android (FPS and TPS)
List of Best Free Shooters on Android (FPS and TPS)

Battle Royale, cartoon, realistic and immersive … there is something for everyone! And icing on the cake, all these games are playable for free.

The Android Google Play Store is full of very good free games. Fans of first or third person shooters, we have selected the FPS and TPS that we think are the most interesting at the moment on the platform, whether on smartphone or tablet.

Keep in mind that downloading and installing these games is completely free, but that publishers and developers should make a good living from their work. In most of the titles presented, there are therefore microtransactions.

In many cases, they are only used for aesthetic purposes, to obtain skins for example. But in others, paying gives an advantage for progression.

List of Best Free Shooters on Android (FPS and TPS)

Fortnite Mobile

The evidence. Since the summer of 2018, Fortnite has been crushing everything in its path with an incredible number of players, record long-term audiences on Twitch, and delusional revenues for Epic Games. The latter felt the good move by quickly carrying the title on mobile, first on iOS and then on Android.

For those who may have missed the phenomenon, Fortnite is a TPS and its most famous game mode is Battle Royale. You land on an unarmed map with 99 other players. You must then recover equipment and objects in order to survive and eliminate your opponents, the objective being to stay last.

To prevent everyone from hiding and to give rhythm to the games, the playing area shrinks regularly, forcing players to get closer to each other and to keep moving.

One of the main features of Fortnite is its artistic direction, with very cartoon and colorful graphics. The game is thus better suited to children than a PUBG for example, and is less resource intensive, allowing you to play on a machine that is not a lightning bolt.

Another point to emphasize, construction: Fortnite is also known for collecting resources (wood, stone, steel) to make structures to protect themselves, bridges to cross a river or a platform to access a high place.

This is an important dimension of the gameplay that must be mastered to be among the best.

Please note, Fortnite is not available on the Play Store. With the hundreds of millions of euros generated by the game, Epic Games does not want Google to take its 30% commission on microtransactions (purely aesthetic, no pay-to-win here).

On your smartphone or tablet, click the link below and follow the instructions to download and install Fortnite.

Download Fortnite Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile

Released at the end of 2019, Call of Duty Mobile did not take long to gain a foothold in the coveted market for mobile shooters. The cult FPS has been excellently worn for smartphones and tablets. The controls without keyboard and mouse or controller are well thought out and the use of the touch screen is pleasant.

Clearly, the developers did not just exploit the Call of Duty license by taking over existing IPs and we are dealing with one of the best mobile shooting games, quite simply.

You start by playing as a team against the computer to get warm, get weapons and equipment, which you can improve. Once you feel ready, the real stuff starts with PVP.

We find the famous Battle Royale mode with 100 players, but also a nervous and tactical 5 against 5 mode on a small map, a zombie mode and a sniper mode.

In short, the content is present, and of quality. Mention also to the graphics and sound effects, very successful. And do not panic, no need for the latest high-end SoC from Qualcomm to run the game in good conditions, mid-range devices are doing very well too.

And to finish the good news, the game is generous in rewards, no need to go to the cashier to advance.

Download Call of Duty Mobile

PUBG Mobile

Impossible not to integrate PUBG Mobile into our selection. The title is the headliner of the Battle Royale genre with Fortnite across all media. We thus find the same principle as on the title of Epic Games: 100 players on a map, weapons scattered everywhere, and you must be the last to stand up.

Again, the play area shrinks as the game progresses to force players out of their comfort and speed up the end of the games.

In terms of graphics, PUBG Mobile is betting on realism. We are far from the cartoony atmosphere of Fortnite. This allows you to reinforce immersion and really feel like a survivor in an environment that seems real.

The gameplay is also very different: PUBG Mobile is more down to earth, less extravagant than its rival, and is closer to simulation.

In any case, it remains a reference of the genre. If you hesitate, consult our Fortnite vs PUBG comparison to help you choose the one that best suits you. Free, you can progress quietly without ever paying anything, microtransactions being only cosmetic.

Download PUBG Mobile

World of Tanks Blitz

Iconic on PC, World of Tanks is also available on mobile. And yes, not all shooting games make us embody a character holding a gun. The title suddenly has the merit of making us enjoy a different kind of gameplay than other shooters.

You can get new tanks (more than 350 models) and improve them to increase your performance and thus enter serenely in combat during 7 against 7 games. 23 battlefields and several game modes are available to vary the pleasures.

Be careful, unlike other titles presented in this selection, World of Tanks has the annoying tendency to benefit the players who pay. You have been warned.

Download World of Tanks Blitz

Dead trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is another game well known to mobile FPS enthusiasts. The main interest of this one, its mark of differentiation with the competition, is its long solo campaign and its many quests, where many titles only offer PVP.

The pitch is however seen and reviewed: humanity has been affected by a virus transforming the entire population into the living dead. You are one of the survivors and at the whim of your wanderings, you are led to empty the magazines of your weapons on hordes of aggressive zombies.

Some elements of strategy are nevertheless to be taken into account to defeat the toughest enemies, do not start without thinking and think of using the environment to your advantage. You will also have to learn to control the imposing volume of weapons and cards to get out of it.

Download Dead Trigger 2

Zombie Gunship Survival

We stay in the zombie theme with this game which uses a proven formula: a wave of prowlers arrives, you must eliminate it before it reaches you.

For that, you have to be precise with your firearms, or cunning by skillfully placing explosives in an area where they can do heavy damage. The more enemies you shoot, the more rewards you get to improve your weapons and defenses.

Several classes are available, which offers us various strategies to overcome the living dead. Different levels of difficulty are available, so you can start as much for “chill” as for “try hard”. Possibility to go up without paying, but taking out the bank card helps make life easier.

Download Zombie Gunship Survival

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars has nothing to do with what we imagine to be a shooter, but can nevertheless be placed in this category. It is a multiplayer game which has the distinction of offering extremely fast games.

In less than five minutes, it’s over! Ideal for those who want to quickly chain games or for those who only want to play one or two fights in transport or during a break.

There are several game modes in 3 against 3, varied enough not to get tired quickly. Brawl Stars has also integrated a Battle Royale mode to follow the trend, in which we can enter solo or duo. The objective is of course to eliminate all the other players.

Extremely enjoyable by its gameplay, the game of Supercell (at the origin of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach) also regales by its regular content updates as well as by the activity of the community. Very recommendable.

Download Brawl Stars

Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 uses the recipe of the first of the name to deliver a great solo adventure. It is an old-style “corridor” FPS with some slight elements of RPG. The title reminds us in particular of Dead Space with its dark atmosphere and creatures that can come and jump at us at any time.

The quality of the graphics and the soundscape should be emphasized. Three characters are available, each offering different gameplay. If you prefer solo experiences, Dead Effect 2 is your mobile shooter.

Small flat, the title is currently not available in French. If you do not have the basics in English, you may find it difficult to understand what you need to do and complete the missions.

Download Dead Effect 2

Brothers in Arms 3

This game has the merit of offering both solo and multi. For this first mode, the player is invited to compose with teammates managed by the AI. This adds an interesting dimension to the gameplay because it is essential to collaborate with your colleagues to get out of it.

For the multi, there are four cards and two game modes: General melee and Team deathmatch. Several classes of weapons are available, to be improved as you progress.

The graphics are really addictive and the atmosphere of World War II is well restored. The biggest downside is probably the lack of interesting rewards at the end of missions or games. It thus becomes difficult to obtain more powerful weapons in free-to-play.

Download Brothers in Arms 3

Rules of Survival

And another Battle Royale, a genre that is on the rise at the moment. But Rules of Survival has a strong proposition compared to its competitors by proposing a higher scale: the players compete in effect at 300 on a map of 8 × 8 kilometers.

Otherwise, there are BR standards: a safety zone that shrinks over the minutes, the quest for the most powerful weapons, the possibility of driving vehicles to gain ground more quickly … Playable solo or in a team.

Download Rules of Survival

Blitz brigade

Cartoon atmosphere with Blitz Brigade, which alternates the phases of FPS when we are on foot with our weapons and TPS when we are at the controls of a vehicle. In the solo campaign as in multi in PVP, dozens of weapons, land and air vehicles as well as mechas are available to vary the pleasures.

Seven classes are offered: the nag, the healer, the sniper, the versatile … as many ways to apprehend the title.

Multiplayer battles can accommodate up to 12 participants. You can create your own team and communicate via voice chat to implement your strategy, a rare feature on mobile.

On the other hand, be warned, from a certain level of progress, you may find it difficult to get rid of the players who put money in the game.

Download Blitz Brigade

Garena Free Fire: Winterlands

We continue with the Battle Royale shooters with Garena Free Fire: Winterlands, which in turn focuses on shorter and more rhythmic games. 50 players compete on a map on which they are parachuted (does that remind you of something?), The area quickly shrinks so that everyone joins in the same place and can castigate, which makes us games about 10 minutes.

Plethora of weapons and vehicles help you stay the last survivor. Playable in teams of up to four players, with voice chat included to facilitate communication between team members. A game that does not reinvent anything, but easy to learn.

On the other hand, it rewards the players who check out a little too much, which can create frustration among the F2P.

Download Garena Free Fire

Gods of boom

Gods of Boom – Online PvP Action, by its full name, is a multiplayer team FPS. You compete against other teams on different maps and various modes. The gameplay is basic, but well thought out for a quick start, no need to play for hours to understand the foundations of the title.

The game also plays the card of personalization: you can customize your character as you wish, both aesthetically and in terms of skills and equipment.

Updates are regular, with many special events to break the routine. The publisher is also trying to create a competitive e-sports scene. An ambition adopted by more and more mobile games.

Download Gods of Boom

Modern Combat 5

With its subtitle “eSports FPS”, the title of Gameloft announces the color: it is competitive oriented. We thus find a spectator mode to follow games and in particular online competitions.

The ranking becomes important and you will be systematically pushed to improve your performance to climb. Not really a game for casual gaming enthusiasts, so better to be diligent on Modern Combat.

You can still have your teeth on the solo adventure if you are not the competitive type. This allows you to enjoy the graphics and gameplay without needing to try hard. Nine well-specialized classes are offered, and a progression system with unlocking more powerful weapons has been integrated.

Download Modern Combat 5

Download and enjoy the best free shooters on Android (FPS and TPS).

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