Secret Codes to Use Waze to the Fullest

Waze is one of the most complete tools that we can find in the universe of mobile devices. It helps drivers in a very simple way.

Secret Codes to Use Waze to the Fullest

Secret Codes to Use Waze to the Fullest

This app has some secrets, which further favor your offer. So, today we leave you tips on how to use Waze to the fullest with certain “secret codes”.

Not always everything offered to users is immediately visible. These may need to access more hidden areas of the apps, where other additional options later appear.

Waze’s approach is the same, but access is slightly different. To activate these secret codes, just enter the following codes below in the location search and decide which ones are active.

  • 2##2, to enter or exit debug mode, i.e. debugger mode.
  • ##@cctts, one of the most interesting ones: clears the TTS cache, ideal if the text-to-speech function doesn’t work well. Thus, it will clear this cache and force the download from the server to have the latest version available.
  • dbg@tts, enable or disable debug mode for text-to-speech.
  • ##@tts, enable or disable the text-to-speech function (optional, do this in the application under ‘Settings’ > ‘Voice and sound’)
  • ##@asr, turn voice commands on or off (something you can also do in settings)
  • ##@username displays your username in a popup (if invited, random username assigned)
  • ##@eng, change the language to English
  • ##@heb, change the language to Hebrew (Waze comes from Israel)
  • ##@restorefav, reset your favorite places to zero. When you try, you get an error that the device is not connected to the Internet.
  • ##@coord, show (or stop showing) the GPS coordinates of your location
  • ##@debuglang, change translated strings like ‘Home’ or ‘Work’ to [OK]
  • ##@debugspeed, show the route speed limit regardless of the current speed (only works if you have speed limit enabled)
  • ##@rawgps shows an additional icon with the current position (in yellow)
  • ##@traffic shows the traffic lines in the route

In addition to the previous options, there are a lot more codes that can be used. These have a greater impact and the changes they produce can jeopardize the use of Waze if used incorrectly. So, decide which ones to use and how from the list below.

  • ##@il, if the phone is using the wrong server, this code allows you to change it (applicable in Israel)
  • ##@usa, if the phone is using the wrong server, this code allows you to change it (applicable in USA)
  • ##@other, if the phone is using the wrong server, this code allows the user to change it (applicable in the rest of the world).
  • ##@resetapp, to reset the app and leave it as newly installed: delete bookmarks, account info…

Explore these codes and find out which ones fit your Waze usage.

As almost always, if you wish, you can quickly revert and have this app working again as it was before messing around where it shouldn’t have been.

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