Secret Netflix Codes | Find All Netflix Category Codes to Watch Hidden Movies

Netflix is ​​arguably the largest on-demand video streaming platform in the world. I’m sure most of you use Netflix on a regular basis and many of you may have realized that Netflix’s search functionality isn’t all that great, especially when you consider extremely the huge catalog of movies, TV shows and documentaries that Netflix has.

Secret Netflix Codes | Find All Netflix Category Codes to Watch Hidden Movies
Secret Netflix Codes | Find All Netflix Category Codes to Watch Hidden Movies

Secret Netflix Codes | Find All Netflix Genres to Watch Hidden Movies

Fortunately, there are many Netflix Codes that you can use to watch all the movies and TV shows that Netflix has in a particular genre. That sounds pretty cool, right? Well, here are all Netflix codes and how to use them:

What are Netflix codes?

First of all, let’s answer the question that many of you probably have right now – what the hell are Netflix codes? For simplicity’s sake, Netflix has a variety of genres you can search for; You know, things like Action, Comedy, Yada Yada.

However, Netflix also has a set of genres that you can’t see directly (for the most part), but they are, and you can use them to find the exact type of movies and TV shows you are watching for.

Luckily, people have identified genre IDs for these genres, and you can use them to get exactly what you’re looking for on Netflix.

How to Use Netflix Secret Codes

If you are using Netflix on your PC, laptop, MacBook or Chromebook using a browser, using Netflix codes is quite simple. All you need to know is the URL given below and the Netflix secret code for the genre you want to check on Netflix:[Netflix Code]

There are several Netflix passcodes on the site, one for each genre. At the end of this article, I will post a spreadsheet with all the Netflix secret codes you can use to find the categories that interest you. However, to explain this better, we’ll take an example.

Let’s say I want to watch some quirky comedy on Netflix, well, well, the Netflix code for that particular genre is “1577” so I can just go to my browser’s URL bar (Firefox in my case) and type in the URL I mentioned above when replacing the [Netflix Code] part of this URL with the genre code. So it will look like the following URL:

Likewise, you can replace “[Netflix Code]” in the above URL with the Netflix Passcode for any genre and get results for that particular genre on Netflix.

List of all Netflix Secret Codes

So, now that you know how to use these Netflix Codes to get to these hidden Netflix genres, here is a list of all Netflix Codes and the genre they match.

Action & adventure(1365)

Classic Movies(31574)



Horror movies(8711)

Romantic movies(8883)

Sci – Fi & Fantasy(1492)

Sports movies(4370)



TV Show(83)

Children & family movies(783)


Independent movies(7077)

Foreign movies(7462)




Use the netflix codes to enjoy hidden netflix tv shows, movies, web series and lot more. Using the netflix codes you can find netflix genre and acess the desired content. If you have any issues comment us in the comment box.

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