Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Bosses And Endings

We insert the guide all the bosses of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice , the game developed by From Software is available on PS4 – Xbox One and PC. Specifically, we provide you with guides to defeat all the bosses in the game, evaluating the various combat strategies and tactics.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Bosses and Endings
Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Bosses and Endings

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Corrupted Monk Boss Guide

Location: Ashina Depths – Water Mill

This fight happens immediately after our last boss, at the end of the area.

Strategy: The Corrupted Monk is one of the main bosses. He deals a lot of damage and has a long range of his attacks, also uses a series of chain attacks, sweeps and unblockable hits. If you try to deflect or block all of his attacks, he will most likely break your posture.

There is a trick that AI can’t deal with. Activate the fighting art called “Mortal Draw”, it will make the enemy stagger. The technique can be unlocked by defeating the Invisible Monkey in Senpou Temple. Kongo region.

Now, don’t worry about blocking or deflecting the boss’s attacks during combat. Instead, get close to him, then avoid all of his slashes. When his attack chain runs out, he is always vulnerable for about 3 seconds. Quickly dodge towards him and use the Mortal Draw fighting art with: l1: +: r1 :. Especially after the boss jumps, he will be vulnerable and stagger due to this move.

It takes some training to learn all of the Corrupted Monk’s attack patterns so you know when the time is right to strike. It’s best to do 1-2 practice rounds where you just have to block or deflect all of his attacks to better understand his move set.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Guardian Monkey Boss Guide

Location: Sunken Valley – Bodhisattva Valley

Just behind the place where you fought the Gentigede Giraffe boss is a large door. To open this door you must first obtain the “Gun Fort Shrine Key”, which is located inKuro’s library, in Kuro’s Room (Ashina Castle).

Kuro opens the library after you talk to him a lot of times, follow the smoke signals across the roofs of the tower to find Isshin. After opening the gate behind the Gentipede, simply follow the path until you reach the idol.

Strategy :

Phase One: Initially you will fight the Guardian Monkey in its normal form. It cannot block your attacks and only has one life. However, he deals insane damage with his attacks, avoid them at all costs. It has 2 holds : a sweep attack that can only be dodged by jumping (red icon on the screen) and a “ bodyslam ” when it charges.

The best strategy to finish the first phase quickly is to stun him with firecrackers. Then go behind him and unleash standard sword attacks. Don’t use fighting limbs, they’re too slow. After dealing a certain amount of damage (at around 75% health), he will stagger and you can keep attacking him until heescape.

It will do this a total of 3 times. However, you can’t spawn firecrackers one after another, so just block his attacks and then use another firecracker to stun him. The boss can also throw poison, so equip an antidote.

Second Phase: After killing the boss the first time you will get a huge sword. Now The enemy will have a completely new and much more dangerous move. Memorizing his group of moves is easier said than done, as you have to repeat the first step every time you die.

The first new move is shown at minute 3:08 of the cutscene, when the monkey finishes an attack chain and holds his sword aloft to drop it heavily to the bottom. Deflect this attack! hit: l1: the moment this heavy attack lands. It will make him stagger and put you under his belly, so you can attack him with lots of slashes.

The second move is shown at minute 3:25 – when he leaps forward and makes a single hit, you can just jump on him at that moment. Any other moves of the boss must be avoided, keep your distance unless he uses one of the two moves explained above. Another move he can show off is a red terror explosion . If your dread gauge fills up, you die instantly.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Masanaga Lonely Shadow Boss Guide

Location: Ashina Castle – Upper Tower – Ashina Dojo

After killing the Corrupted Monk and the Guardian Monkey, return to Ashina Castle via the Abandoned Dungeon. You have to reach the roofs of the towers, here you meet the Lone Shadow boss Masanaga in the room where the Ashina Elite Jinsuke Saze miniboss battle took place.

Strategy: Make sure you have the Ninjutsu: Puppeteer equipped. As you enter the Dojo, you will need to crouch down and surprise him on the left side. Stab it and press: r1: To activate the puppeteer skill, Now it’s the two of you against the Boss.

The puppet will likely die during the first health bar, but at least you’ll get good damage. After he is dead, whenever Vilehand is about to attack you, you have to dodge forward with a slight slope to the left (side where he holds his sword) and then do Whirlwind Slash Combat Art: l1: +: r1.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Boss Emma Guide

Location: Ashina Castle – Upper Tower – Ashina Dojo

When you reach the roof you get to choose an ending game. Choose the first dialogue option “Obey the Iron Code, Forsake Kuro” to activate the Shura ending and this boss.

Strategy: Obtain the Shadowrush Fighting Art for this battle (last ability in the Shinobi tree for 6 skill points). The tactic is simple: go 10 meters from the boss (where they can’t hit you) – Use Shadowrush – Jump back and repeat. Emma cannot block this move.

You just have to have a good eye for distance, be far enough away to inflict the attack, but not close enough to get hit by the enemy. Always hold L1 + R1 to charge the attack.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Guide Boss Isshin Ashina and Finale

Location: Ashina Castle – Upper Tower – Ashina Dojo

After defeating Emmain the previous ending(see previous boss above).

Strategy: Use the same strategy seen against Emma. Obtain the Shadowrush Fighting Art (last skill in the Shinobi tree for 6 skill points). The tactic is simple: go 10 meters from the boss (where they can’t hit you) – Use Shadowrush – Jump back and repeat.

Emma cannot block this move. You just have to have a good eye for distance, be far enough away to inflict the attack, but not close enough to get hit by the enemy. Always hold L1 + R1 to charge the attack.

In thesecond phase, Isshin will start using fire moves. When firing fire in a straight line, run sideways (hold: circle: /: b: to run), this will always miss the target. When he sprays a wide fire in front of him, stay behind the fire and charge your Shadowrush at the boss. His most devastating move occurs when he summons flames across the area.

Move away to a spot where there are no flames on the floor. Then, immediately jump in his direction. This is because it will always come running with an attack chain that would kill you instantly. Jumping on top of him will easily dodge him and can attack him a couple of times from behind with standard attacks.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Boss Owl Guide

Location: Ashina Castle – Upper Tower – Ashina Dojo

When you reach the roof of the tower you get to choose an ending game. Choose the second dialogue option “Break the Iron Code, Stay Loyal to Kuro” to activate this boss. This will lead you to the “full ending” where you arrive in another area after this fight.

Strategy: Great Shinobi Owl (Owl) makes some heavy attacks that make him vulnerable for a few seconds if you dodge them perfectly. When attacking with the sword from the left, dodge forward to the left.

When attacking with the sword from the right, you will need to dodge forward to the right. When he jumps in the air, dodge forward twice to get behind him, some damage can be done here.

Firecrackers are perfect for when you’re injured, so you can stun and heal yourself in the meantime. Always stay close to him, don’t run away. Always stay very close to him and every time he launches an attack, dodge and counterattack.

In the second stage it will throw poison and smoke. When he is about to use the smoke he keeps hitting him, he is totally vulnerable while doing so. When he poisons an area he stays away and blocks his attacks until the poison clears, with the poison gone you can use the full space of the area again.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – How to kill the secret boss of the big colored carp

Location: Fountainhead Palace

Found at the Feeding Grounds idol.

Strategy: This is asecret bossthat has multiple steps. You will not actually fight the big colored carp but youwill poison it with a deceptionthat kills it instantly.

Step 1: Activate the idol, talk to the nearby PNG andring the bell to call the big colored carp. To reach the carp, we will start with the Palace Grounds idol. You will find it in the normal path of history, it is not to be missed. Just explore the region until you reach the palace grounds. From there, turn right into the next building(with squid enemies inside).

Behind the building you can cling to the roof and from there to the branch of a tree, the roof of the temple and finally to the flowering fields. Talk to thebluefish-likeNPCand ring the bell to bring up the Great Colored Carp.

Step 2: The idol teleports to Hirata Estate and talk to the Scale Merchant (found in the lake at the beginning of the Hirata Estate). Buy any item from him that amounts to 7 treasure scales.

Step 3: You will now unlock the “Talk” to him option. Talk to him twice, exhaust his dialogue and he’ll give you “the really precious bait”.

Step 4: Go back to the Feeding Ground, feed the carp “Truly Precious Bait”. This will poison him.

Step 5: Quick trip to Sunken Valley – Watering Hole. The Great Colored Carp will have run aground there, all you will find is its deceased body with a glowing object collected in front of its mouth. Collect this to unlock the Great Colored Carp trophy.

This is where the boss fight ends, you just poisoned the fish and it’s dead. Take the item you found to the merchant so that he can become a carp himself.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Boss Toro Sakura Guide

Location: behind the Mibu castle, shortly after the Monaco.

Strategy: As with the Burning Bull boss, this boss differs from the previous one only by the different color (purple). The movements and the strategy are the same. Dodge behind him when he stops to attack. Dodge when he charges or run sideways to escape, then attack.

Reward: Rosary beads, Karma.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Guide Boss Isshin, The saint of the sword

Location: Ashina Castle – Ashina Reserve

Isshin the Sword Saintwill be the endboss if you don’t choose the Shura ending. On all other 3 endings you will encounter Isshin the Sword Saint as the final boss. Go to Ashina Reservation and go back to where you fought Genichiro Ashina in the prologue. There you meet the endboss.

Strategy: There are 4 stages for this boss. We will examine it step by step.

Phase 1: In the first phase you fight Genichiro in Tomoe form. Let’s run after him and attack him as he makes his killing move. Then just hammer him with standard attacks to quickly take down his guard.

When he jumps, dodge forward to the right and keep attacking. If you see a red warning sign or take a stab, you’ll need to jump left to dodge it. Always remember to keep attacking until he jumps or you see him deflect.

Step 2: Now you need to break his posture quickly. Always attack twice, then deflect his attacks, repeat. You will always have to deflect after making 2 attacks. If he sheaths his sword , he is about to sweep.

Run away and go left to get out of sweep range. If he pushes you away , he is about to take a stab, use the Mikiri when he does to break his stance faster. The hardest part here is to distinguish between the sweep and the stab.

Remember this: if he sheaths the sword he will sweep, if he does not sheath the sword he will stab. Try to break his posture rather than exhaust his health.

Phase 3: Phase 3 + 4 uses the same tactic . Whenever Isshin jumps, run TOWARDS HIM (RIGHT SIDE) to get to him from behind. Hold: r1: /: rb: to make an attack. Then QUICKLY run away again and repeat.

It ONLY attacks when it makes a huge leap and only hits once. No more than that or it will bombard you with a long combo. When you escape it will only use two ranged moves: shoot or jump.

By running constantly, you will deflect all shots. You will need to position yourself far enough away from him, so use these moves. Don’t block anything, run in large circles around the fighting area.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Boss Guide Ashina’s Seven Spears – Shume Masaji Oniwa

Location: Ashina Castle (spawns only after defeating the Divine Dragon)

Found at Ashina’s idol. It stands right in front of the idol.

Strategy: There is a normal NPC and the boss standing nearby. Use the puppeteer’s Neteutsu to fight the boss. While the puppet attacks the boss, attack him from behind. After taking his first life, it’s time to use the Firecrackers (prosthetic tool) to stun him, attack him with the fighting art “Ichimonji: double”, repeat.

Always throw the firecrackers to stun and use the fighting art. This particular fighting art breaks his guard very quickly. If you run out of firecrackers use Ash Fist.

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