How To Send Messages On Whatsapp Without Saving Number

Send Messages on Whatsapp: Due to the way WhatsApp works to start a conversation with a person, it is necessary to have their number saved in the terminal’s phone book.

How To Send Messages On Whatsapp Without Saving Number

This is not a problem for your regular contacts, since the chances are that you already have them registered in the phonebook, but … what about the specific contacts? Those you only need to write once and you probably never send a message again.

Until relatively recently it was not possible to start a conversation with them without first registering them on the agenda, but now it is possible.

Thanks to the popularity of WhatsApp and that many companies decided to include the service as a customer service channel, those responsible for the service created a method to be able to place a link on any website and start a conversation, something that you can use whenever you need and No need to have a website.

Yes, you can start WhatsApp conversations without saving the number in the phonebook
The best thing about this method is that it is compatible with Android, with iPhone and also with WhatsApp Web.

In addition, they are all tools provided by WhatsApp so it is not necessary to use any modified application or strange software. Thanks to this there is no risk of suspension of the account or similar.

Here is How To Send Messages on Whatsapp Without Saving Number

To send a WhatsApp without adding a contact, the first thing you should do is copy the following URL:

https : // api . WhatsApp . com / send ? phone = XXXXXXXXXX

Once you have it copied to your smartphone (you can also use it on your computer if you use WhatsApp Web) paste it in your favorite browser and before accessing it, modify the XXXXXXXX at the end of the URL by the phone number you want to send a message preceded by the country code (for example, if you are going to write to a number in Spain you must type 34 followed by the telephone number.

Once this small modification has been made to the URL, it should look something like this:

https : // api . WhatsApp . com / send ? phone = 34699895612

When you have it, access the URL and a website owned by WhatsApp will be loaded. It will ask you if you really want to start a conversation with that phone number and in case you confirm it, the WhatsApp app (or WhatsApp Web in case you are doing it from a computer) will open automatically with the chat window to That open phone number.

At this point you just have to write the message and send it just as you would in any conversation. Until you delete it completely or archive it, it will remain open and you will always have it available in the chat list to send new messages to the phone number in question.

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