How to Set Backgrounds for PowerPoint Slides

Thefunds for PowerPoint slidesare very useful when you want to customize a presentation of any theme with an image or certain colors. The bank of backgrounds for PowerPoint slides offers many customization possibilities and you can learn to change them easily.

How to Set Backgrounds for PowerPoint Slides
How to Set Backgrounds for PowerPoint Slides

If you want to know how to locate the templates or how to add your own images to your presentations, do not miss all the information below.

How to put backgrounds on the slides of a PowerPoint project

Theuse of PowerPointhas greatly facilitated the possibility of creating more dynamic projects and works than, for example, those made with Word.

One of the functions that PowerPoint offers is to put templates of different themes on each of the slides of a presentation. This is very useful when we want to give a different touch to work with a custom template design.

If you want to knowhow to put a personalized template on the slides of your PowerPoint presentations, you must follow the steps indicated below:

  1. First, open the slide preview
  2. Then you must click on the bottom part of the slide and select the optionBackground Format> Fill
  3. If you want your presentation template to only have a single color, you must choose theSolid fill> Color option. You will be able to see a color palette in which you can choose the tone you prefer, from a single tone to gradient tones. You can customize the gradient of the template by choosing one point on the slide or another. You can even create custom colors from mixing different shades.

How to put a personal photo on the slide in PowerPoint?

If instead of a tonality or a predesigned template, you want to place an image that you have stored on your computer, you can do it in the following way:

  1. Click onFileand select the location of the image you want to place. Choose the image you prefer and you can see it on the slide.
  2. You can apply more or less transparency if you want to give prominence to the text more than the image. To do this, you must go to theTransparencyoption that you will find in theImage Format section. In this way you will be able to see the icons and the text comfortably, creating a totally personalized content.

How to put a plot on the slide in PowerPoint?

Another option you can do tocreate a custom background imagefor your PowerPoint slides is to apply a pattern to it.

The frames are images made with squares, lines, dots or small details that are repeated creating a uniform image. The steps to follow toapply a pattern in your PowerPoint presentationsare the following:

  • Go to theFillpart> Pattern fill
  • When you choose the design you prefer, you can change the color of both the motifs that make up the template and the slide

If you want to return to the original state of the slide and not apply the selected template in your presentation, you can go to the option ”Reset background“.

If you want to apply the same color or image to all the slides of the PowerPoint presentation, you will only have to select the ”Apply all” option.

In this way you can apply the templates you need for your PowerPoint slides, using various themes. By choosing the templates that are already pre-designed or creating your own, you will be able to give a personal touch to your PowerPoint presentation.

There is the possibility of accessing banks to download pre-designed and free templates, doing a search in Google.

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