How To Set Up Apple Pay? What Is Apple Pay And How Is It Used?

In the age of mobile payment, IT companies have found more convenient and faster ways to allocate money for their users. So Apple has developed a new payment system that allows you to pay in offline stores and online purchases using a smartphone or computer.

How to Set up Apple Pay? What is Apple Pay and How is it Used?

Apple has managed to rethink our wallets and debit cards with you, and “fold” our smartphones carefully and safely. As you understand, the article will deal with this payment system. What is Apple Share? How does it work? How to install Apple Pay? And why do you ever need?

System requirements

Before installing Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple Watch, you need to make sure that your devices support this technology. The following smartphones are suitable for this purpose:

  • iPhone 5 (if connected to Apple Watch);
  • iPhone 5s (if connected to Apple Watch);
  • iPhone 6 (and Plus version);
  • iPhone 6s (and Plus version);
  • iPhone SE (2016 and 2017);
  • iPhone 7 (and Plus version).

If you have an Apple smart watch, any iPhone can be used to customize Apple Pay, starting with the fifth model.

Banks that support the payment system

The emergence of such an innovation would definitely be accompanied by cooperation with regional banks. Fortunately, our banks enthusiastically accepted the appearance of Apple Pay in the country.

Do you know who is connected to the new payment system first? “Sberbank”. Apple Pay even resigned this orthodox bank, which will be said about the others.

Naturally, the list of supported banks includes:

  • Tinkoff Bank;
  • “Gazprombank’s”;
  • Otkritie Group (with Roketbank);
  • “VTB 24”;
  • Alfa Bank;
  • Also electronic payment service “Yandex. Money”.

A complete list of banks can be found on the official website of the payment system, there are also restrictions applied to some cards. Some banks support MasterCard’s work, but for some reason they refuse to serve Visa.

How to Set up Apple Pay?

The wallet is pre-installed on all iPhones and Apple Watch. We will need it to work with the payment system. Open it, click the “Add card” button, and in the window that appears, enter your card data (if you want to use what you already use to buy on iTunes, just select this sub-item and go to the check of the bank).

Then he will check your card. It usually takes no more than a minute. Some banks require personal confirmation or approval by SMS code.

Note that in order to work with the payment system, you need a card that supports contactless payments, that includes the PayPass or PayWave logo (and the NFC chip) respectively.

How to pay with Apple Pay in stores and subways?

If all previous preparatory stages have been completed, you can go shopping. We go to the store and find the terminal we need (there must be a terminal that accepts payments with NFC).

We put our finger on the fingerprint scanner and keep the phone 2 cm from the terminal itself. Apple Pay is automatically activated and makes a payment.

After a few seconds, a green check mark will appear on the screen of your smartphone, confirming successful operation. If you have several cards attached and usually pay with VTB 24 and now need Sberbank, Apple Pay gives you the opportunity to choose a card before purchasing.

To do this, double click the “Home” button and select the default map. If you are planning a trip to the subway and have set Apple Pay on Apple Watch, you can use them to pay for travel.

To do this, you don’t even need to take the phone out of your pocket, just double-click the keys on the watch case and turn the “face” to the payment terminal.

How to pay with Apple Pay on the Internet and in applications?

An important feature of Apple Pay over other services is its ability to shop online and from third-party apps. This is done simply:

  • Find a program or website that supports the payment system;
  • Choose a payment method using the “apple” payment system (usually a big black button with an apple);
  • Enter shipping and billing addresses;
  • Confirm purchase using Touch ID.

You can shop not only from the phone, but also from the computer, but since not all Apple computers have a fingerprint scanner, purchase confirmation also takes place on smartphones.

Payment security

What is Apple Share? This is the safest wallet in the world. Apple devices have always surprised the security levels, like all the technologies included in them. It is impossible to penetrate the iOS operating system and steal this data.

Apple and this didn’t seem enough, so they developed a special identification system when your card data is stored on the phone and transferred to the terminal in an encrypted form (transferring a number instead of a card or account number). This greatly improves the security of each payment.

At the same time, like normal NFC cards, data cannot be physically stolen. If you bring a portable payment terminal to a standard card, the card will automatically pay at the time of purchase and does not require any confirmation.

The phone will in any case require verification using Touch ID; this means that no one can spend money using your smartphone.

Impressions, reviews, discounts

Users reacted quite quickly to the new technology and immediately began testing it with potency and master. Instantly many messages about the new payment system appeared on the Internet.

Some did not immediately understand how to set up Apple Pay, so they got angry on the Web until they mastered progress and thoroughly studied the instructions.

The company forced many users to try Apple Pay by launching a large-scale advertising campaign with discounts and bonuses from various shops and cafes. He did free cinema tickets, hamburgers for half the price, and discounts on the metro.

At least once a large user base, however, has resorted to using Apple Pay, so this caused an unprecedented increase in popularity of this technology. Most innovation frightened vendors.

This particularly impacted small shops where no one was notified, and every purchase made over the phone looked like some kind of terrible magic or fraud. A year later, the situation changed dramatically, and there is no such surplus. Everyone is accustomed. And they are likely to be accustomed to it, they do not want to give up.

Instead of conclusion

As you can see, Apple Pay is easy. Even simple, very interesting and useful. The new approach to making payments will definitely change the world in the near future if it has not changed before.

Soon, Apple plans to offer device-to-device transfer using a private virtual Apple Cash account, and this is not the final step in the development of this service. Perhaps Apple will ask for an offer to become a bank and keep funds in their accounts.

Now that you know how to set up and use Apple Pay, it’s time to try it personally.

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