How To Call With Apple Watch

Call with Apple Watch: If you’ve had an Apple Watch lately, it’s possible that one of your big doubts is making a watch with a watch. This is something that virtually all smartwatches on the market can do, and an apple wouldn’t be less. In this article, we’ll tell you how you can do this by pre-activating certain settings using the iPhone.

How to Call with Apple Watch
How to Call with Apple Watch

How to Call with Apple Watch

One of the benefits of having an Apple WatchCellversion is the ability to have eSIM on this device. This reduces your reliance on the iPhone to perform certain procedures that require the Internet and to others, such as answering calls. If you have this version, you can manage these calls from anywhere with a watch.

If you have the Apple WatchWiFiversion, it will require an iPhone in the vast majority of Internet and call-related procedures.

So you’ll need to have a cell phone nearby if you want to make or receive calls on your watch. It should be noted that both in this case and in the previous case, you will not have to make any previous adjustments.

Receive calls on Apple Watch

Whether you have an Apple Watch with eSIM or a normal version, the way you handle incoming calls is very intuitive and similar to any phone:

  • Reject a callby pressing the red key, which will send the call to voicemail if you have this feature active.
  • Answer the callby pressing the green button. The clock speaker will help you listen to your partner, although if you wear AirPods and are connected to a clock, they will serve as a receiver and microphone.
  • To send the call to the iPhone,touch the three dots that appear on the screen, then tap “Answer using iPhone.” At that time, the call will be paused until you answer the iPhone to which you paired the watch.
  • Answer the call with a text message by tapping the three dots and then selecting “Reply with the text message”.

Make calls with Apple Watch

There are several ways to call from a watch, no matter what version it is:

  • Bring the watch to your mouth and say“Hello Siri”followed by “call (contact name)”.
  • Hold thedigital crownto call Siri and say “Call (contact name)”.
  • Open the Apple Watch menu and open thePhone app.Here you can access your favorite contacts, recent calls, your contacts, the keyboard, or access to listen to voice messages.

Problems answering or making a call?

Here are solutions to the main problems you may encounter when making or sending calls on your Apple Watch:

  • IfDo Not Disturbon the watchmode is activated,you will not receive calls. You can deactivate it from the control center of this app or from the Apple Watch app on iPhone.
  • Coverageissues with Apple Watch Cellular or iPhone. If you are in an area with little or no coverage, you cannot make or receive calls on any device.
  • ThatApple Watch is not properly connected to the iPhone, which would affect not only these types of actions but all those that require synchronization between them. To reset the watch, go to Settings> Reset.
  • ThateSIM does not work, for which you will need to contact your telephone company to resolve this issue.

In short, there are usually no problems making calls with the Apple Watch. If you didn’t know this feature, now you know you can use it and talk from your wrist, something very futuristic in movies from other decades, and that’s more than reality.

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