How To Solve The Common IPhone Touch ID Problems

iPhone Touch ID: One of the best innovations that Apple has created is its Touch ID fingerprint reader. It is a technology that has been present with us for many years both on the iPhone, on the iPad or MacBook. However, no matter how good the technology is, there are times when problems arise .

How to Solve the Common iPhone Touch ID Problems
How to Solve the Common iPhone Touch ID Problems

For this reason we will reviewthe most common problems that may appear with Touch IDon our Apple device and how we can solve it. Almost all solutions are very simple and you can use Touch ID again without problems.

Common iPhone Touch ID Issues

Touch ID does not recognize the finger

One of the most common problems that can happen to us with Touch ID is thatthe fingerprint reader does not recognize our finger well and gives us an error when unlockingthe device or buying an app. Touch ID is a fairly infallible system, so if you fail to read your fingerprint, there is a problem.

The reasons for this error of reading Touch ID can be several, sincethe reader itself is dirty has been damaged. Below are some possible solutions to try before contacting Apple.

Touch ID takes time to unlock iPhone

Another very common problem is thatTouch ID takes too long to detect and read our fingerprintand, therefore, to unlock our iPhone or make a purchase. If you have noticed that your device’s fingerprint sensor does not react as before there is surely a software problem that can be easily solved.

If your iPhone or iPadhas not been hit or the sensor is dirty, try one of the options below to get the Touch ID speed back to be as before.

Touch ID does not react

If the fingerprint reader of your iPhone, iPad or Mac directly does not respond, it maybe damaged or extremely dirty. If after cleaning it still does not react, I am sorry to tell you that the only option is to take it to an Apple Store so they can check it has been damaged and replace it with a new one.

Solutions to Touch ID problems

Once you have reviewed the most common problems that may appear with the Touch ID, these arethe solutions that will make everything workperfectly again.

Clean the sensor and your finger

The first solution is the easiest, before respecting the Touch ID of your device, check that neither the reader nor your finger is dirty. To clean the Touch ID reader, ideallyuse a lightly moistened microfiber cloth, completely turn off the device and clean the sensor.

It isnormal for the sensor to get dirty from time to timeand this can cause our finger reading to be incorrect and failures. The same goes for your fingers, make sure they are not wet, dirty or injured.

Delete footprints

If this does not work, you can try tore-register your tracks. To do this, go to Settings> Touch ID and code, press on each fingerprint and delete. Once this process is done, re-register your tracks by following the advice that will appear on the screen.

Remember thatyou should not press the Home button while scanningyour fingerprint, if you press too hard, the image may be distorted somewhat. It is also important to register the edges of your finger well.

Register same finger another position

If after following these steps you notice that Touch ID continues to fail or works slower than it should be a trick is toregister your finger twice in different positions. This way when you don’t recognize it in one way you may do it in another way.

If none of these solutions worked for you, it is possible thatyour Touch ID sensor is broken or deactivatedif it has been repaired. An unofficial store. Remember that a Touch ID from another iPhone will not work on your device.

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