How to Set Up My Webcam Before a Skype Video Call

Skype is an application for all mobile devices with Android, iOS, Windows Phone and other operating systems that allows us to make calls and video calls through our smartphones and computers totally free.

How to Set Up My Webcam Before a Skype Video Call
How to Set Up My Webcam Before a Skype Video Call

How to Set Up My Webcam Before a Skype Video Call

The problem is that many times configuring the camera and microphone on the device to be used is quite an odyssey if you do not have the necessary knowledge for this action.

In this article we will talk about how to configure the camera in Skype before making video conferences, so that you can communicate with your friends or family without major problems, and that they can hear you clearly no matter what device you are currently using. To follow the guide you must download Skype and install it.

Remember that the camera is not always used in Skype, you can also make voice calls to landlines by hiring a credit package in this service, which is excellent if you want to communicate with your friends, work colleagues or family without having to spend too much.

How to do the first installation of Skype on your smartphone

If this is the first time you’ve installed Skype on your mobile devices, you don’t have to worry. Skype automatically configures your camera and microphone to use when making video calls through this application.

You just have to follow the following steps:

  • Access the application store of your operating system, be it iOS, Android or Windows Phone
  • Locate the app and click install. On Android, you will first be asked to accept the application’s permissions, which include the ability to access the phone’s camera and microphone, as well as the contact list
  • Access the application from the icon in the menu of your cell phone once the installation has finished. If you have Android you will already have the camera configured; but if you use Skype for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) you will probably get dialog boxes with a confirmation request to access the microphone and the camera

Which camera will Skype use

You may be wondering how do I choose which camera to use for a video call? The answer is simple, Skype configures the front camera by default, so if you want to make a video call, you will have to do it as if you were taking a selfie.

During a call you will also see the camera switch icon, to switch from the front camera to the front camera.

In case your device does not have a front camera and only a rear camera, don’t worry, Skype will detect it and use that camera to make the video call, although it is not highly recommended since, how will the other person see you? However, it can sometimes be very useful.

Step by step to configure the camera from the computer

Although today we see more and more users prefer to use Skype from a mobile device, the truth is that the use of this service on the computer is just as current.

In cell phones there are not so many setbacks in the configuration of the camera and microphone due to the fact that they are peripherals already integrated into the computer, but in the case of desktop computers, webcams and microphones are connected externally, and there may be inconveniences when establishing video calls.

To configure the camera in Windows or Mac the steps are as follows


Open the Skype application and go to: Tools> Preferences. Then go to Video Settings. From here you can configure the camera.


Open the Skype application and then go to the Skype menu > Preferences in Mac OSX and go to the Audio / Video tab

In this menu you can configure the webcam. Select the one you currently have connected, if you can see the image it is because you can now make video calls without any inconvenience.

In the event that the image is not displayed, your webcam drivers are probably not installed correctly.

Possible problems that may appear with the Skype camera on PC and how to fix them

If your contact cannot see you when making a video call with Skype, or the image comes out with poor quality, we will help you make a diagnosis and solve the problem so that you can start making video calls without major problems.

My friend cannot see the image from my camera

This problem can have several causes, but first make sure that there is no object that is obstructing the lens of your webcam, nor that it is dirty.

Once you have verified that everything works fine with the camera, make sure that Skype correctly recognizes the camera by going to Tools> Options.

Then choose Video Settings. In the event that Skype cannot see your webcam, you will get a message indicating this and you should continue reading.

Skype can’t find the webcam

It may happen that the program does not find a camera, it will be necessary to make sure that the device has a webcam and if so, follow the following steps:

  • You should check if the camera is connected, if it is already connected, try changing the USB port
  • Close all applications that could be using your camera in the background, such as internet browsers or video editing programs; remember that two applications cannot use the same camera at the same time
  • Verify that the camera is installed correctly. Enter the Device Manager (In Windows 8 and 10 simply type “Device Manager” in the search engine and enter the first result; in Windows Vista and Windows 7 right click on My Computer and then click on Properties and then go to Device Manager Devices ) and check that the camera is listed. It is usually found in the “imaging devices” category. If it does not appear, right click on the element, then Properties and click Enable (if instead, the button is Disable, it means that it is already enabled and you should skip this step). If it does not appear, you will have to search for the driver on the internet (generally, manufacturers’ websites offer suitable drivers or drivers) and install it
  • Keep your Windows updated. An outdated DirectX could lead to camera errors, update your Windows! Or, download the latest version of Microsoft DirectX

Skype camera problems on cell phone

Generally, when Skype has camera issues on the phone, they should be fixed by installing the app again. If not, it is most likely that your mobile device’s camera is faulty and you need professional technical support.

Skype is a great communication tool, cheap and easy to use and manage. For both calls and video calls, there is not yet a cheaper application with possibilities.

To have a better quality in the camera of your device when making a video call in Skype, we recommend that you have a good internet connection, otherwise, the other person will start to see you slow and distorted, at the same time as the voice will lose quality.

Now that you know all the information about how to configure the camera, feel free to add friends on Skype and start talking without limits!

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