How to Share Netflix Movie or Series Titles on Instagram Stories

Share Netflix Movie or Series Titles on Instagram Stories: Netflix is ​​no stranger to hearing from us, which is a film and serial streaming service company, at first this company was banned from services in the archipelago because the content in the application contained elements of pornography, sex, and violence.

How to Share Netflix Movie or Series Titles on Instagram Stories
How to Share Netflix Movie or Series Titles on Instagram Stories

However, seeing this since 2019, PT. Telkom has allowed the distribution of Netflix services to the public in the archipelago.

Netflix Movies Or Series

But before that, there were actually several providers that allowed their users to use Netflix services, such as Firstmedia and Biznet.

Of course, since Netflix is ​​considered a legal government, many well-known people and figures have also distributed original films or series that were acquired by the Netflix production house, now many films and series made by the nation’s children are available and airing on the Netflix service.

Instagram is also known as a media platform available on various Android and iOS devices that functions to share photos and videos, like Facebook and Snapchat. This application is used by various millennial and adult circles, including public figures or popular community figures.

Instagram Stories

A well-known Instagram feature is Instagram Stories, which aims to upload photos or videos to either show our activities or promote your business to other users.

If you have ever seen someone share Netflix film stories while giving a rating on Instagram Stories, but in these stories we can go directly to the Netflix show page shared by that person, we can select the ‘Watch On Netflix’ button located in the left corner top stories.

How to Share Netflix Movie or Series Titles on Instagram Stories

1. Open Netflix and find the movie you want to share on Instagram Stories.

2. Then, go to the Netflix movie or series viewing information section

3. Select the share button or share, After that, select the ‘Instagram Stories’ section

4. You will be immediately redirected to the Instagram application and the Netflix movie images that you share will go straight to your Instagram Stories.

5. Then, the post stories that you have determined by selecting the ‘Your Story’ or ‘Close Friends’ button according to your wishes.

6. Congratulations, you have successfully shared the Netflix movie to Instagram Stories.


You only need to use the Netflix and Instagram apps to follow the tutorial above. It’s simple. That’s the tutorial that the author provides. Hope it is useful. Thank you!

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