How To Use Share Realm For Fast File Transfer

Share Realm: Now almost all smartphone companies in the world have published the File Sharing feature or various default files respectively. If OPPO has OPPO Share and Xiaomi has Mi Drop, then Realme has also brought similar features to its smartphone with the name Real Share. This feature allows fast file transfer for realm smartphone users.

How to Use Share Realm for Fast File Transfer
How to Use Share Realm for Fast File Transfer

You could say the realm of Share utilizing WiFi and Bluetooth connections to be able to transfer data stably. The realm itself claims that data transfer using realm feature is many times faster than using a Bluetooth connection.

For those of you who are smartphone users who want to enjoy the Share realm for data transfer, you can view the tutorial as follows.

How to use Share realm for File Transfer

  1. First, activate the smartphone reality first
  2. On the home screen page, select the Quick Menu by sliding or swiping the finger from the top screen down.
  3. After it appears, activate the Share realm feature
  4. Make sure the Share realm is active on the sending and receiving smartphone files
  5. Access the File Manager or Gallery (photos and videos) to select the file to send
  6. Press the Send button that appears by long-pressing on a file
  7. A pop-up menu will appear showing which smartphone is connected to the Share realm
  8. Select the recipient’s smartphone reality
  9. The recipient’s smartphone realm dialog box will appear to accept the file
  10. Press the Accept button
  11. Next, you will see the message Received successfully if the file was successfully sent.

You could say the Share realme feature makes it very easy for smartphone users to share large-capacity data quickly compared to having to use a Bluetooth connection, which at this time feels slow enough for file transfer.

Meanwhile, realm has joined the peer-to-peer data transfer alliance with other companies such as OPPO, Xiaomi, and Vivo. In other words, the Share realm can also be used to transfer data on other smartphones included in this alliance.

For example, you can use Realme Share to transfer data quickly to OPPO smartphones or vice versa. Therefore, this feature is quite practical to be activated and used because we don’t need to install the application first.

But if you want to transfer from a smartphone realm to a product other than above or vice versa, then you can take advantage of various File Sharing applications that can be downloaded on Google Play such as SHAREit, SendAnyWhere, and many more.

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