5 Top-Shelf Live Streaming Resources that Can Make You Forego Cable TV

The idea of procuring a free Live TV application is unjustifiable owing to its direct competition with cable television. Still, cutting the cord makes a lot of sense in 2021, mostly for individuals who prefer moving around the globe for work and leisure.

Live Streaming Resources that Can Make You Forego Cable TV
Live Streaming Resources that Can Make You Forego Cable TV

5 Top-Shelf Live Streaming Resources that Can Make You Forego Cable TV

In the subsequent sections, we shall talk about some of the best Live-TV options or rather streaming resources in play that can help you achieve a hands-free approach.

For those who aren’t privy to the concept, Live TV streaming works exactly like Cable television except the choice are way more diverse and the channels are available over the web and not via the frustrating cords.

As far as choices are concerned, the selection isn’t thin but pricey. The live TV services and streaming plans come at a premium and justifiably so, owing to the extended capabilities as compared to the likes of Netflix, Prime Video, and even Hulu.

So let’s not waste any more time and dig right into the available choices:

Hulu+ Live TV

Unlike a standalone Hulu subscription, the one with access to Live TV costs higher than usual. At close to 65 dollars, this subscription plans let you work with a pretty clean and lively interface.

Despite not having the best UI on the list, Hulu Live TV more than makes up for the same with a
separate segment for the live channels.

The application also underwent a price change but the relevance is still pretty much intact, considering the excellent choice of live TV channels, with inclinations towards entertainment.

If you have previously used the Hulu subscription model, with the ad-free interface costing $12, you would
be slightly disappointed with the Live TV service.

The 65 dollar plan does have those infuriating ads clubbed with the live shows, which you can cut out by paying 6 additional bucks. Still for some, the price bump is justified as Hulu Live TV trounces others when the streaming library and live TV selections are concerned.

For sports though, you might want to consider something else, as Hulu doesn’t pair the MLB or NFL network for the sports streamers. That’s not it as you also wouldn’t get Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, and BBC America,
despite the multi-device functionality.

Convinced already! Check out the 7-day trial plan and take the plunge, accordingly.

YouTube TV

Closely following the footsteps of Hulu Live TV in terms of pricing is the YouTube TV. Boasting an extensive channel profile for the live streamers, this service scales beyond Hulu in certain aspects.

Then again, if you are into pre-selected content, YouTube TV falls short of perfection and lacks Hulu’s diversity. However, YouTube TV offers something that not many live streaming service providers can.

It allows you to stream using three profiles at once and even supports 6 profiles in totality, for a single ID. The
DVR storage, pertaining to the cloud is unlimited and allows you to watch shows as recorded content, in case you missed the same in the first place.

In comparison to other live streaming services, YouTube misses out on fewer channels and includes
the likes of MLB and NBA for the sports fanatics.

Our online gripe with the 65-dollar subscription plan is that no YouTube Premium subscription is
added with the same.

Sling TV

When it comes to affordability, there aren’t many better streaming services as compared to the Sling TV. As a versatile streaming service, Sling TV is more of an ingenious recreation of the popular Slingbox but with an inclination towards live streaming.

As expected, the lower price comes with a few trade-offs, which include restricted DVR support, single account access, and the absence of certain channels like Animal Planet and Nickelodeon. The Sling TV also allows you to bundle additional channels on top of the 35-dollar base back.


As a sports fanatic, you should take a closer look at FuboTV. With an interface similar to that of Sling TV, this live streaming service comes loaded with several plans and options to upgrade. The pricing isn’t all that feasible and you still need to pay 65 dollars for the base plan.

FuboTV has a pretty extensive live channel library, provided you opt for the full suite by upgrading to the premium, 80-dollar plan. With FuboTV you also have your hands full with other Spanish- offerings, only if you subscribe to the Spanish pack.

We also liked the multi-device compatibility of this streaming service, as it can run on Fire TV, Apple
TV, Android, Windows, macOS, and other platforms.


This streaming service is exclusively available for T-Mobile users. Still, if you do not have the T- Mobile plan activated, we wouldn’t recommend you to switch solely for getting access to TVision.

There are a lot of good things about this live TV streaming service provider. Firstly, it boasts channel plans similar to Sling TV.

This means you can either select the 40-dollar base plan or upgrade to the 70-dollar variant for getting access to an extended library. With TVision, you aren’t restricted to live streaming channels as the service also offers Hulu, Netflix, and a wide range of other streaming services.

Plus, the multi-device compatibility exists, allowing you to use the same on a wide range of platforms.

Are there Other Options?

Yes, apart from the 5 best choices for Live-streaming, you can also consider some of the honorary mentions, with Philo TV leading the way.

At 20 dollars, this service is quite affordable and comes with a good enough line-up of 61 channels. Closely following Philo TV is the Peacock Premium, which is more of a targeted offering for CBS and NBC indulgences.

However, you can skip this if you are only interested in the best streaming apps for Amazon Firestick and other Fire TV Devices and also Roku.

There are a lot of Media players in the world where streaming has taken over from TVs. But, it can be difficult to find out what is the best player for Firestick.


Live Streaming has always been the prerogative of cable service providers. Better termed as cable TV, streaming channels in real-time was always corded, at least a few years back.

Things have changed for good in 2021 with internet-based live streaming becoming a thing. With a wider-content library and support for different resolutions and picture quality, live streaming is one of the better resources
that might soon kill off the Cable TV presence or the most of it.

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