Skills And Attitudes That A Speaker Should Have

Speaking in public can be challenging, but becoming a professional speaker takes much more. Today in this article I will explain the skills and attitudes that this communicator must have when going up on stage.

Skills And Attitudes That a Speaker Should Have

And what is actually being a ”speaker“? It is the person who has the eloquence and the ability to speak in front of an audience to educate, persuade, build trust and tell a story.

Skills And Attitudes That a Speaker Should Have

For example, at an event for your business or brand, you will have a large audience who will want to understand the purpose of your invitation.

Then, the speaker will be the figure that will provide all the details of your convention, either because you launched something on the market or simply because you want to keep them updated.

What is the goal of your work?

Knowing how to connect with the audience that listens to you and get the message you want to convey well, but for that a series of skills and attitudes are required that I will explain to you, keep reading!

Practice beinga good speaker

The essential thing is to have knowledge and details of what you are going to transmit. A good speaker poses a speech beforehand and rehearses it enough to build trust in the listener.

Focus on the natural, communicate your message in the most transparent way possible, no one will believe in your business if you look like a robot. Show confidence so that you never get nervous on stage.

Sensitivity, charisma and humility

The ego is eliminated and respect is vital! If you want your audience to be open to the message or speech you are going to give, you need to learn to listen.

You must respect their opinions, ideas and even actions, this shows that you are a humble speaker and sensitive to the needs of others. Empathy and charisma play a fundamental role, they are the skills that will make way for others to trust and listen to you.

Persuasion and credibility

Capturing the audience’s attention can be difficult, but a speaker must go further in persuading. I am not talking about manipulating, but generating credibility and transforming ideas, attitudes or some behavior to sell or satisfy some need.

Excellent command of non-verbal language

A speaker must not only take care of the speech or message he wants to convey, he must also watch over the gestures, posture and even the eye contact he has with the audience. Try to speak as calmly as possible and convey emotions consistent with your information.

Value content

Analyze the needs of your market and the interests of that audience that will listen to you, a speaker must show knowledge apart from selling. Within your persuasive speech, use educational content or data that is beneficial to people.

Tips to be a good speaker

  • Design presentations that help you get your message across to your audience. These will also be helpful in case you lose the thread of your message.
  • Allow interaction or create a space where you can have feedback with the audience.
  • Build trust so that later the audience respects you and believes in your work.
  • Be consistent with your verbal and non-verbal message.
  • The habit of reading will help you train and develop your intellectual skills, so that you are well prepared when you are on stage.
  • Having a blog or book that accredits your experience will help you gain the confidence you need to get the audience interested in your speech. At this point you may be interested in: Workbook How to create an e-book + Template to design an e-book.
  • Presence weighs, believe it or not, your appearance also reflects the appearance of your company.
  • Show passion for what you do and take care of your vocalization.
  • Time your presentation well so that you don’t miss any details and you can argue everything correctly.


  • You will have the opportunity to attract new customers.
  • It will show your audience that you are a trustworthy business and committed to customer needs.
  • When telling your story, your brand, your business or your services will be engraved in the minds of the people who listened to you.
  • A speaker will be able to transmit the values ​​and objectives of your business.

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