10 Smartphone Tips and Tricks You Never Knew About

Over 6 billion! That’s massive, right? The number of smartphone subscriptions is increasing day by day. Out of the 7.8 billion population of the entire world, 6.055 billion people have smartphones. These stats could be shocking for many of us, but that’s true.

How many smartphone users in the world in 2021?
How many smartphone users in the world in 2021?

10 Smartphone Hacks You Need to Know in 2021

Having said that, handsets play a critical role in human life. They do much more than just making calls or sending texts. Leading mobile manufacturers launch life companion devices that have great demand in the global market.

Since smartphones play a serious role in everyday life, it’s important to know about some of the most amazing hacks that you can benefit from.

Here’s a quick list of smartphone hacks that are perfect for everyone.

1. Use Airplane Mode for a Faster Charge

You must have never thought about this before, but it works!

Your smartphone doesn’t need to look for signals when the Airplane mode is switched on. As a result, the battery gets charged faster than expected.

Many people struggle to charge their phones when the battery is running low. They blame faulty chargers or wall plugs. Sometimes replacing chargers and wall plugs don’t even work. If you have tried everything but nothing worked, try switching on the Airplane model and see the magic.

You don’t need to have a phone of a specific brand to let it work. Believe it or not, this hack works for all smartphone brands. Having plenty of power will help you go through the business case study without being anxious about low battery.

Keep the Airplane mode switched on even after it’s fully charged. This trick will help you save power for a long time. However, make sure you don’t have any incoming calls when you do so.

In situations when you are running out of battery, follow the same suggestion to keep your phone alive until you find a charging port.

2. Cover Microphone to Record Crisp and Clear Audio

Have you ever wondered why the sound of recorded videos is noisy?

Probably not. Covering the microphone of your smartphone while recording a video can help reduce the noise. If you want to record a video with clear sound quality, then try covering the microphone with your finger.

Don’t press too hard as it will not let the required audio be recorded. Just be gentle and that should be enough. I bet you have never tried this hack before.

4. Don’t Use the Phone When it’s on Charge

You might have never thought about why mobile phone manufacturers deliver short charging cables. Well, there’s a reason behind it. It should not cost them the earth to give a long cable to charge your device.

They don’t want you to use the smartphone while charging it. The reason is that the battery life of your handset is affected when you keep using it while being on charge. If you continue doing the same, there will be a time when your phone’s battery won’t last long.

If you don’t want to reduce the overall battery life, stop using your smartphone when it is connected to a charger.

Furthermore, using a smartphone when it’s charging can be harmful. Several cases of sudden mobile phone explosions have been reported from around the globe. So, don’t put your life in danger.

4. Don’t Make or Listen Calls on Weak Signals

Another prominent thing to discuss here is making phone calls when there is no or weak signals. Not only studies have found it harmful to human health, but It is also damaging to your cell phone’s battery.

Your phone needs the power to catch signals. If you start making calls when the signals are too weak, the battery is likely to be drained.

If you don’t want your smartphone battery to drain faster, then stop making or receiving calls under low signals. Go out to an open space and wait for the signals to become stronger. This practice can be very useful in making your handset’s battery live longer and stronger.

5. Use Your Palm to Take Awesome Selfies

Selfies are important, right? There could be instances when you can’t press the button on the middle of your handset. Don’t be sad! Use gesture feature to take impressive selfies without wasting time.

All you have to do is simply show your palm to the front camera and it should capture images within the blink of an eye.

Those who don’t have this particular feature in their smartphones can use the volume button to take selfies.

6. Take Multiple Shots by Holding the Shutter

Not many smartphone users know this fact. Yes, you can take continuous shots by pressing and holding the shutter button. You can take around 25 shots per second. The number of shots can vary depending upon the model of your cell phone.

You don’t have to press the shutter button time and again to take continuous photographs. Just press and hold to capture everything around in seconds.

For instance, if you get a chance to see a celebrity this feature can be of great use. You can take multiple photographs of your favourite celeb without having to press the shutter button again and again.

7. Take Screenshots of Maps to Save Data and Battery

You don’t have to switch on data every time you need to find a direction. Just take a screenshot that you can use while being on the road. This tip can help you save a lot of mobile data and battery power also.

Furthermore, you can take help from a saved screenshot whenever you travel to a specific destination. You don’t even need an internet connection.

8. Use Smartphone Case to Keep Cash and IDs

Dropping cash and IDs is a normal issue for students. Have you ever thought that a smartphone case can help you hide cash and IDs? You must have missed out on this one.

If you want to keep your cards or cash away from friends and siblings, use this smartphone hack. Those who hate carrying a wallet can also benefit from this trick.

Just remove the case, place cards or cash, and add back the case. You can use your money or IDs simply by removing the case whenever required. Isn’t it safe and smart?

9. Take a Photo of Your Car While Parking it

You must have been in situations when finding the right location in parking space becomes an issue. It may take you several minutes to find the exact location where you last parked your vehicle.

Take a photo of the place when you are done parking your car. This will work as a visual reminder when you come back after shopping.

The same thing applies when you can’t remember your hotel or any other important point in a new city. Make the best use of your smartphone and benefit from this superb trick.

10. Remove Useless Apps

Are you facing lag issues on your smartphone? Needless apps running in the background must be consuming a lot of memory and cache.

Go to settings and see which apps are running in the background. Start uninstalling the ones that you never used. There’s no point in keeping those applications installed when you don’t even need them.

Removing useless apps should result in improved speed and performance. You should experience faster speeds while navigating through apps and playing your desired games.

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