Snaptube – The Video Downloading App of Your Dreams

The reasons people like to download online videos are endless. However, most people that download online videos do so mainly because they want to watch said videos offline. That could be the result of a horrible internet connection or the lack of one in the first place.

Snaptube - The Video Downloading App of Your Dreams
Snaptube – The Video Downloading App of Your Dreams

Snaptube – The Video Downloading App of Your Dreams

And if a video has ever paused on you because you had to wait for it to load due to the slow internet connection, then you know how annoying that could be. That is where video downloading apps come into place.

There are so many video downloading apps nowadays so chances are you will be able to watch your favourite videos offline whenever you feel like it. However, most video downloading apps offer other features as well.

So, it’s worth a look to actually know what you are getting in case you have certain expectations from the app you are downloading. The Snaptube app is superior to other video downloading apps in the sense that it not only allows you to download videos in different resolutions but also convert them to mp3 files for free.

Snaptube Features

With an array of different features, Snaptube earns its position as one of the best video downloading apps out there. First and foremost, it allows you to download online videos that you wish to have in your personal storage. The app supports different platforms that you can browse through. Therefore, no doubt you will be able to find what you are looking for.

One of the main features is the ability to download online videos in resolutions ranging from 240p to 4K HD. For many people that alone will be the selling point. Additionally, as previously mentioned, for the music lovers out there Snaptube offers the ability to download any video file into mp3 files for free.

Another feature the Snaptube APK boasts is the floating player. If, like me, you also love doing a million things at the same time, you will appreciate the floating player immensely. It allows you to watch videos while simultaneously browsing the internet and playing games therefore saving you time.

Last but not least, one of the best features in my opinion is the Smart Night mode. It is designed to protect your eyes when you are using the app during the night or in dark places.

So, if like me and so many other people you are a night owl and like being on your phone late at night then at least you have the peace of mind that your screen is not hurting your eyes.

Snaptube - The Video Downloading App of Your Dreams
Snaptube – The Video Downloading App of Your Dreams

How to Use Snaptube on Android

As with any other app, the downloading and installing process is a piece of cake. You can easily download the app by going onto the website first and then taping on the download button. You can do this on any browser by just following the steps.

  • When the app has been fully installed you can then easily open it up and start browsing for any video you feel like downloading.
  • With the many supported platforms on the app, you can browse through tons of videos.
  • Once you are happy with the videos you have found, you can then either tap on the thumbnail to load it on its media player or you can press the download button if you feel like saving said video.
  • That will then prompt you to choose the desired format and the resolution in which you want your file to download.
  • The file will then be downloaded, and you can enjoy watching it whenever you feel like it.
Snaptube - The Video Downloading App of Your Dreams
Snaptube – The Video Downloading App of Your Dreams


For people who love to spend their time on their phones watching videos and not having to worry about losing connection in the middle of a video then a video downloading app is the best solution for you.

As already mentioned in this review, there are countless video downloading apps available. If you are looking to download one of them to help you watch the videos you want any time anywhere then I would suggest you do your research and find the best one for yourself.

However, with all of its amazing features, Snaptube is perhaps the best online video downloading app for Android. Now let’s start the Snaptube download process!

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