13 Ways to Solve Play Store Can’t Open (100% Effective!)

Sometimes, certain conditions prevent the Play Store from being opened on an Android cellphone. Of course, this is very annoying because Android users are dependent on downloading certain applications via the Google Play Store. So it is important for Android cellphone users to ensure that the Google Play Store is free from the dangers of viruses.

13 Ways to Solve Play Store Can't Open (100% Effective!)

13 Ways to Solve Play Store Can’t Open (100% Effective!)

However, like other applications installed on the device, Play Store can also have problems. This problem can be caused by various things, from incorrect settings to the application having problems.

Hey, calm down! Don’t worry, because this problem can be solved. Whatever device you use, whether Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, Asus, Play Store problems can be resolved in the same way.

1. Play Store Cannot Be Opened Due to Internet Connection

The first way is to check whether your internet connection is smooth and correct. To overcome the Play Store not being able to be opened because of an internet connection, you need to check several things.

If your internet connection is slow or slow, then this could certainly be one of the causes. Try to use a Wifi network connection.

So, if you still can’t use Wifi, then also check the Wifi connection. To do this, turn off Wifi and turn it back on, then try again. You can also use someone else’s internet connection withtethering.

2. Play Store Problems Due to Applications

Applications that use large caches and data also affect this and are the reason why the Play Store cannot be opened.

This is because your Android cellphone has to work harder with several large applications, making it impossible to open the Play Store. Try checking applications that use more RAM memory and turn them off.

3. Play Store Cache Full

It turns out, it’s not just large applications that use up RAM memory to open the Play Store. Apart from that, junk and large files can also cause Play Store problems.

The solution is to clean and delete these large files. Start cleaning the cache and data of all applications installed on your Android cellphone.

To do this, you can open Settings > Manage Apps > All > Open all applications and select “Clear Data”. If you don’t want the hassle, you can use an eraser application likeClean Master.

4. Log out of Google Account

As a user, sometimes your Google account may take a long time to process your account on the Play Store. Well, this long time causes lag and your Play Store cannot be opened.

It’s good, you first log out of your Google account for the Play Store. When you have logged out, you can log in again via your Google account.

5. Reinstall Play Store

One way to overcome the Play Store not being able to open is to reinstall the Play Store application. This is because there could be problems and cracks when the application is installed previously.

Therefore, you can try to reinstall the Play Store. Don’t worry, you can reinstall the Play Store later.

6. Disable Proxies and VPN

The next problem is due to active proxies and VPNs. Maybe you accidentally activated it. Try to disable it. To do this, open Wireless and Network > More > VPN. Meanwhile, for Proxy, you can go to Wifi > Advanced.

7. Change your Android cellphone to airplane mode

Then, change to airplane mode to solve the Play Store problem. This has something to do with your previous internet connection. You can try to change your Android cellphone to Plain Mode (Airplane Mode) first.

Leave it for a moment, that way the signal will return to find its whereabouts. This can restore the performance of the network you are using.

8. Clear Play Store Cache

The next way to overcome the Play Store not being able to open is to delete Google Play data on your Android cellphone.

You can use third-party applications or yourself via your Android cellphone. To do this,Settings > Applications > Google Play Store > Force Stop > Clear Cache.

9. Clear Play Store Data

Apart from deleting cache, deleting data is the right way to deal with Play Store not being able to be opened. When you do this, of course you run the risk of losing the data in the Play Store that you have previously entered.

But don’t worry, you will still install and download the data again. To do this, Settings > Application or Application Manager > Google Play Store > Force Stop > Delete Data.

10. Uninstall Play Store updates

The next step is to overcome the Play Store not being able to be opened, namely by uninstalling or deleting updates to the application itself. The updated version may be corrupted, causing Google to deny the app access and force it to close.

Before installing or installing the latest version, it’s a good idea to delete the existing updates so that they return to normal. Next, all you have to do is open the Play Store, the application will immediately download the latest version and update automatically.

11. Install the Latest Version of Play Store

The next way to overcome Play Store problems is because the application has not been updated to a new version for a long time, so it needs to be updated to the newest version.

Immediately download the latest version from the Google Play Store. You can apply to disable updates first, like method no.10.

12. Restart the Android cellphone

Well, for this one it is very easy to solve the Play Store not opening on your Android cellphone. The problem does not only occur with the application but also on your Android cellphone.

The way to do this is to restart your cellphone. This is also useful for disconnecting applications that crash when you start your Android cellphone.

13. Reset Android Phone

It’s a bit extreme because it can delete all the data on your Android cellphone. However, you can also back it up first if you have to use this option.

Go to Settings > Backup and Reset,make sure the data is backed up, select Factory Data Reset. Make sure your Android cellphone battery is also fully charged because it will take quite a long time.

So, those are 13 ways to solve the Play Store that can’t be opened on your Android cellphone. Remember, the causes and problems with Play Store not opening can vary, analyze the problem first. Only then, take the steps that you think are appropriate to the problem. Having problems with other Google applications?

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